NAACC Corporate Secretary: 529 Princess Street, Estevan, Sask. S4A 2E8

NAACC Headquarters Office: 3512 Marine Avenue, Belcarra, British Columbia, Canada, V3H 4R8


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John Carlson

  • National President & CEO
  • Director, British Columbia
  • Chief Judge

Conrad LeLièvre

  • Vice President
  • Director, Nova Scotia
  • Recording Secretary
  • Legislation Concerns
  • Newsletter Editor

Tom Woodhouse

  • National Executive Secretary
  • Director, Saskatchewan
  • Automotive Heritage Month Coordinator

Doug Keith

  • Treasurer
  • Representative, Saskatchewan

Bob Ford Jr.

  • Membership Director
  • Director, Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Facebook Coordinator

Wilfred Moase

  • Past Director, Prince Edward Island

Fraser Field

  • Director, British Columbia
  • Coasters Wagon Master

Morley McDonald

  • Director, British Columbia

Don McDonald

  • Director, Alberta

Paul Martin

  • Director, Manitoba

Blair Chisholm

  • Director, New Brunswick

Doug Greer

  • Director, Ontario

David Murphy

  • Director, Ontario

Len Langlois

  • (Deceased)
  • Past President, Ontario

Rudy Croken

  • Director, Prince Edward Island
  • Historian

Dr. JJ Carlson

  • Director, Media Relations

Rob McLeese

  • Director, Central Canada Media

Gary Catherwood

  • Legal Advisor

Cam Hutchins

  • Webmaster