Brought to you from the NAACC

British Columbia ICBC insurance Regulations that apply to a Races or Race tracks.

Section 2 (1) (f) of the Regulation states:

2 (1) Unless otherwise provided in a special coverage form, the Act and this regulation do not apply in respect of

f) a vehicle being used in a contest, show or race, or in advanced or performance driver training, if

(i) the activity is held or conducted on a track or other location temporarily or permanently closed to all other vehicle traffic, and

(ii) there exists an element of race or speed test,

(2) In subsection (1) (f), “element of race or speed test” means driving at high speed, and includes passing maneuvers, driving in close proximity to another vehicle or assessing vehicle limitations in speed, acceleration, turning or braking.

The NAACC will be arranging a meeting with ICBC to ask that “shows” be permitted and that organized parade laps that do not contain an element of speed be accepted for personal liability protection for all parties. Your thoughts are welcome.

John Carlson