Written by Pat Anderson, updated for 2022.

Yes, you are responsible and can be sued in all of the above situations, as a Director, Executive Member or simply as a member of your club, by the injured party and if found negligent, pay in some cases, large settlements.

Yes, if you organize or participate in any form of organized event, you could be held liable and could still be held liable even if you were not directly responsible for causing the injury or property damage.

Yes, the law can hold you contributory negligent in such cases.

The injured party can sue the club, Directors and individual members for damages.

Your club is both liable, along with the member, for the damage to the rest of the hotel and its patron’s valuables. You are also responsible for any bodily injury.

Yes, your club can purchase Directors & Officers Liability insurance to protect Directors, officers, Employees & Volunteers from lawsuits for negligible acts.

As Directors & Officers of the club, you can purchase General Liability Insurance to cover the operations of the club.  Such as, Meetings Show & Shines, Fund Raisers etc.  Your club can also purchase Tenants Legal Liability for damages you may incur to rental halls, rooms, hotels, restaurants etc. that you may occupy for your activities.

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No, it costs just a few dollars per member to acquire proper legal liability insurance for your club and yourself as a member. The cost is $5.00 per member for three million dollars’ worth of coverage or $6.00 per member for five million dollars of coverage.

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Let’s put it realistically. Would you like to have to tell your Spouse that “Your Hobby” just cost you your house and any other tangible assets you own? The answer is obvious.

Simply contact John Carlson (604-931-5948) or the NAACC through your association representative or contact John directly and he will arrange for the appointed broker @ Reliance Insurance to provide Special “Lloyd’s of London” coverage.

View details about the NAACC Club Insurance Policy.