Fellow Hobbyists,

This is the latest information issued by the CCCA in Seattle Washington.  I sit on the board as the NAACC and British Columbia representative to the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA-PNWR).

If you have members in your clubs who ‘Vintage Race’ or who take their ordinary vintage ‘COLLECTOR’ cars to the race track please pass this information along. It is very important!

John Carlson,
President, NAACC

Subject: FW: Racing Exclusion Endorsement

Several of those in attendance at the Board meeting on Wednesday were interested in the report from John Campbell. The information is repeated below.

John A. McGary Attorney at Law
3513 NE 45th Street, Suite 2W
Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: (206) 524-7040
Fax: (206) 523-1645
Email: John@mcgary.cc

Subject: RE: Racing Exclusion Endorsement

Paul –

Thank you for the clarification of the new Racing Exclusion Endorsement.

By copy of this letter I am forwarding this information to John McGary, who is the Director (President) of the Pacific Northwest Region CCCA and Gary Ledray, Chairman Pacific Northwest Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club.I’m sure that we have a number of our members who are insured through Hagerty and would like to continue to be involved in such events as the Club Parade Lap at SIR Vintage Car Races and not-for-speed timed road rallies.

Best regards,

John Campbell

PS: Gary and John, Paul is the Vice President of Underwriting for Hagerty.


Subject: Racing Exclusion Endorsement

Dear Mr. Campbell:

Thank you for your call concerning our Racing Exclusion Endorsement. Per our discussion, I am sending you this email to outline Hagerty’s intent of the Racing Exclusion Endorsement.

The intent of our racing exclusion is to exclude coverage for participation in any race, including preparation, practicing or qualifying for a race. Racing means “any competition for speed or endurance whether against competition or against time.” Under our exclusion, use at a “performance driving school” is not covered.

However, use of your auto at a racing facility is covered when:

*It is in the paddock or “specified show display area

*Trailered from location to another

*Used by the insured to attend a racing event as a spectator.

Please note that non-competitive parade laps, display laps or other non-race activities that occur on the track and are associated with a car show are generally covered when the track is considered part of the “specified show display area.”

In addition, Hagerty recognizes that “against time” does not include open road rallies that operate at or below legal speed limits and the objective is to arrive at a series of checkpoints and final location within a minimal amount of time from the targeted arrival times.

Again, thank you for your inquiry. Please drive safely and enjoy your cars!

Hagerty Insurance Agency, Inc.