This is a collection of legislative, by-law, inspection standards and contacts for automotive issues for each Province in Canada.

Please check your provincial updates regularly to see if there is something that conflicts with your right to own, restore and drive your collector vehicles. The NAACC is here to help you and the hobby you enjoy. If you see something that you are concerned about please contact your local NAACC representative. Their email and contact info is listed in the ‘Contacts’ section on the header of the NAACC website.
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Information for the car hobby

BC Ministry of Transportation website       

AB Ministry of Transportation website       

SK Ministry of Transportation website       

MB Ministry of Transportation website      

ON Ministry of Transportation website      

QC Ministry of Transportation website      

NB Ministry of Transportation website       

NS Ministry of Transportation website       

NF & LB Ministry of Transportation website 

PE Ministry of Transportation website      

NT Ministry of Transportation website      

NU Ministry of Transportation website      

YT  Ministry of Transportation website     

FEDERAL Transportation Provincial Assemblies Industry Canada Gazette : Bills – currently controversial

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