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Automotive Heritage Month Provincial Proclamations

MB AHM 2022


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Congratulations to Paul Martin for his work in having July proclaimed Automotive Heritage Month / Collector Car Appreciation Day for 2022

Also Bill Armstrong has been working very hard to get the AHM/CCAD in Ontario but with the Provincial election the  Proclamation has been delayed this year. Bill has been successful in have AHM/CCAD declared by his local Member and the Proclamation has been signed for the Niagara Area with the Provincial Proclamation coming soon.

Remember to tell your clubs to send in a couple of pictures of their AHM events in July and the NAACC will send them a dated AHM Certificate of Appreciation for 2022. please send to

We now have Proclamations form BC, MB, SK, NB, NS, with PE & NL coming in the next couple of weeks.

Lets get those pictures in of your clubs events for the AHM !

Bob Ford 

Declarations of Automotive Heritage Month

So far for 2022 we also have the following provinces confirmed:
– British Columbia – Saskatchewan – New Brunswick – Alberta with more to follow
Thanks to all the great work of the hobbyist for your time and dedication in preserving and enjoying your great rides..
Thank you from the NAACC

Ontario Declaration of Automotive Heritage Month

As a the member of provincial Parliament for Niagara West, I am proud to support and acknowledge the moth of July as
Automotive heritage Month
Sam Oosterhoff, MPP Niagara West

British Columbia Declaration of Automotive Heritage Month

NOW KNOW YE THAT We do by these presents proclaim that July 2022 shall be known as “Automotive Heritage Month” in the Province of British Columbia

New Brunswick Declaration of Automotive Heritage Month

Mr Chisholm, Thank you for your recent letter reguesting that July be declared as Automotive Heritage Month in New Brunswick, and that July 8, 2022, be declared Collector Car Appreciation Day.


Province of Manitoba Proclamation Automotive Heritage Month

Now Therefore be it known that I, Andrew Smith, Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage, do hereby proclaim that the month of July 2022 shall be known as Automotive heritage month

SaskAutomotive heritage month CertificateSask copy

Saskatchewan Declaration of Automotive Heritage Month

I, Laura Ross, Minitster of parks, Culture and Sport in the Province of Saskatchewan in exercise of the powers conferred upon me, do hereby designate the month of Juky 2022 to be:
“Automotive Heritage Month in Saskatchewan

Alberta Declaration of Automotive Heritage Month

WHEREAS automotive enthusiasts are celebrating the month of July as “Automotive Heritage Month” across Canada; Now therefore be it known that I, Nate Glubish, minister of Service Alberta, do hereby Declare July 9, 2022, Collector Car Appreciation Day in the Province of Alberta. 8

This is a collection of legislative, by-law, inspection standards and contacts for automotive issues for each Province in Canada.

Please check your provincial updates regularly to see if there is something that conflicts with your right to own, restore and drive your collector vehicles. The NAACC is here to help you and the hobby you enjoy. If you see something that you are concerned about please contact your local NAACC representative. Their email and contact info is listed in the ‘Contacts’ section on the header of the NAACC website.
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