Hints for keeping your white wall tires bright and clean.

Steps to Clean Whitewalls: Begin by selecting a cleaning product from the list above. Use a whitewall tire cleaner such as Black Magic Bleche-Wite. SOS pads and a stiff bristle tire brush works well for general cleaning. To brighten the white, use either baking soda or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The key is to wet both the tire and the eraser. To use baking soda sprinkle the powder onto a damp cloth and apply to the tire. Rinse frequently. For extremely dirty or yellowed tires use a wet sanding process varying from 400—800 grit. Use plenty of water when sanding.

Additional Tips and Advice: Though cleaners such as Comet work well, they can dry out the tire, which can lead to early wear and cracking.      Products that contain chlorine bleach or alcohol should not be used for that reason. Chlorine bleach can also dull black rubber. For the easiest cleaning, cleaning them every two weeks works well. Frequent cleanings will allow for shorter, easier cleaning times.

Never store the black side of the tire against the whitewall side as the black will migrate into and damage the whitewall. Ideally, store the tires with a separating piece of plastic between them. Use a UV protector when you are finished.

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