National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada Corporation Hall of Fame inductees are chosen/selected from time to time by the NAACC Board of Directors. The recipient is awarded a Life Membership for their outstanding service and dedication to the collector car hobby and then is inducted into the NAACC Hall of Fame.


Chuck Forster National President's Award

On occasion the Chuck Forster Presidents Award is presented to a worthy recipient. This is a separate and distinct award from the Hall of Fame Award.

Honor description: This award was developed in honor of the late Chuck Forster. It recognizes leadership in the Antique & Classic automobile/motorcycle hobby across Canada. Chuck Forster was the developer and first president of the Canadian Historical Automobile Federation (CHAF).  This group amalgamated with the newly formed NAAACCC under the aegis of the Craven Foundation. The NAAACCC publication “Vintage Canada” was the prestige journal in Canada during the mid-1970s to 1980s.

Chuck Forster, ON, Inducted 1976

A founding NAAACCC member and 1975 Coasters Cross Canada Tour Wagon Master, avid Ontario supporter. Mr. Forster had been the developer and president of the Canadian Historical Automobile Federation that was amalgamated with the newly developed NAAACCC under the aegis of the Craven Foundation.
(Deceased 1975)

Peter A.B. Weatherhead, ON, Lawyer, Inducted 1979

He was the Vintage Canada Wheelspin News magazine editor in the 1970’s. Peter Weatherhead devoted many hours to the National Ad Letter. He was responsible for the success of the Association’s award-winning magazine. He was a tireless legal advisor who gave significant guidance and meaning to the NAAACCC in its formative years.

David Lemkay, ON, Inducted 1983

National President 1972-1977 (6 years)
Recipient, Chuck Forster National President’s Award, Oct. 1980, issued by the National Association of Antique Automobile Clubs of Canada Corporation. In the early years of the NAAACCC there were many initiatives that were carried out under David Lemkay’s leadership. He was a tireless president and a very strong NAACC supporter.

Madeline (Forster) Fawcett, ON, Inducted 1983

A founding NAAACCC member and 1975 Coasters Cross Canada Tour organizer, avid Ontario supporter. She was married to Chuck Forester until his passing in 1975. Form 1975 until the mid 1980’s she attended the NAAACCC AGM’s representing the Province of Ontario. In 2017, wheel chair bound and aided by oxygen, she visited the Coasters Cross Canada Tour in Niagara Falls to offer her warmest wishes to all. Sadly, she passed the following year. (Collins, Madeline (formerly Forster, Fawcett; née Garvey)   April 16, 1937–October 28, 2018.

Robert Ford Sr., NF, Inducted 2001

NAACC Membership Chairman 1978–2023 (45 years)
Edsel / Mustang Restorer and Master Restorer.

The Newfoundland Antique & Classic Car Club is an organization formed in 1980 to aid and encourage the use, enjoyment, preservation and restoration of antique and classic vehicles. Bob Ford served as the club’s first president and continued as president for five more consecutive terms. 1980-1985.
In 2018 Bob Ford Sr. was awarded the recognition of being the Canadian Hobbyist of the YearBobs son and Concours judge Bob Ford Jr, accepted the presentation at the Cobble Beach Concours on his father’s behalf. Sadly, Bob Sr. passed in 2023.
Bob Ford Sr. June 27, 1943—March 14, 2023

Bob Ford Sr.

Tom Woodhouse, SK, Inducted 2002

NAACC Director/Executive Secretary 1980-2024 (44 years)
NAACC Automotive Heritage Month coordinator 2009-2024. Over the past forty-five years Tom Woodhouse has worked with many clubs in Saskatchewan to help them achieve success. Tom is responsible for initiating the celebration recognizing July as Automotive Heritage Month in Canada. His wisdom and foresight in the collector car are unapparelled. Tom has been a Concours judge for the Cobble Beach Concours for many years. He is a cornerstone in the collector car hobby in Western Canada.

Tom Woodhouse

John Carlson, BC, Inducted 2003

National President 1983 and again from 2001-2024 (24 years)
NAACC Chief Advisory Judge 1989 to 2024.
NAACC British Columbia representative 1978-2024 (46 years)
British Columbia Specialty Vehicle Association, BC NAACC representative 1979/80 to 1994. Vintage Car Club of Canada, Region 120 Early Ford V8 & Lions Gate Model A Ford representative 1978 to 2024.

Chief Judge: Arizona Concours, Hilton Head Concours, Cobble Beach Concours

Past Chief Judge: Louisville, French Lick, Steamworks, Crescent Beach and Vancouver Island Concours. Pebble Beach Concours Judge 30 plus years.

Recipient of the Chuck Forester National Presidents Award, 1983.
Recipient of the Lee Iacocca Award 2015, Presented at the Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance
Canadian SEMA/SAN Coordinator, Collector Car Appreciation Day Coordinator 2009-2024

John Carlson