Wilfred Moase


NAACC Vice President
Prince Edward Island Director

Wilfred lives outside Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), Canada with his wife Anita.

He is a ‘Life Member’ of The Prince Edward Island Antique Car Club (PEIACC) for which he has served as President, Secretary and Car Show Chairman. Wilfred judges at many car shows including the Cobble Beach Concours d’ Elegance. He has been the Editor of the PEIACC Newsletter for the past nine years and has been a member of the car show committee for the past 33 yrs. He is the recipient of the Presidents Appreciation Award and Tireless Worker Award. Wilfred periodically shows his cars and has been a 1st place winner many times with his stunning 1929 Model A Ford Cabriolet and his 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible.

Wilfred MoaseWilfred is the PEI Director/Vice President for the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada. He created the original NAACC website in 2000 and was the Webmaster for several years. He is currently the editor of the NAACC publication Cruisin’ Canada.

One of the projects Wilfred worked on in 2017 with a PEIACC fellow club member was to recognize the first automobile owned and imported into Canada. This was the Ware Steam Carriage built in Bayonne, New Jersey by Elijah Ware and imported by Father Georges Antoine Belcourt of Rustico, P.E.I. in Dec 1866.This automobile is now featured on the PEI Antique Car license plates.

Wilfred has always been interested in cars. He started helping with a collection his Dad; Keith (Former NAACC President) began in 1960 with a 1928 Ford Model A Tudor “AR”. He still remembers, at five years old, the day his Dad drove this car home for the first time. Wilfred is currently restoring the very same car to its original state. Wilfred’s eclectic car collection includes vehicles from a 1916 Canadian Model T Ford Touring right hand drive to the vehicles mentioned above.

Wilfred believes the mission of the NAACC is to help preserve the automotive hobby for present members and future generations. This year, 2020 being the 50th anniversary of the NAACC, there have been five new strategic partnerships developed. The RPM Foundation, America’s Automotive Trust, America’s Car Museum, TechForce Foundation and the International Chief Judges Advisory Group (ICJAG). The NAACC is well on its way to encouraging and assisting the younger generation to gain a strong interest and perhaps a ‘Trade Certificate’ in the hobby. Wilfred believes dedication, hard work and education are some of the key ingredients to success. His motto is ‘Cars are meant to be driven.’