The 2011 Quail Gathering was truly outstanding. More than 170 classics, racecars and motorcycles were on display. The event honored Ferrari and Superamerica vehicles that were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Jaguar E types were also honored.  A spectacular group of Jaguar E type sports racers drove down from Laguna Seca Raceway  and rolled on to the pristine Concours lawn about 11:00. This was followed by a flyover and the National Anthem. Truly, these were goose bump moments.

Many of the displays were very different from what one normally sees at a Concours. The Bay Area Modelers Association were running their miniature gasoline engines and explaining to the many spectators how they built their jewelry like model motors. The whine of the miniature engines was pure magic. Bugatti displayed a ‘one of a kind’ porcelain bodied vehicle. The display was set up so all could view the vehicle from every angle while enjoying a snack or a gelato ice cream.

The center of the Concours layout displayed a multi passenger helicopter. The company was offering time shares for a number of their sky birds.  Serious Classics from both Foreign and American Marques were everywhere.  As Concours guests strolled the event they could stop and enjoy the cuisine flavors of Spain, France, Carmel Valley and Italy. The Champagne and wine of Louis Roederer was enjoyed by many.  The fine art tents displayed many artists including Denise McCluggage with her original Sr. Stirling Moss photos of him pushing his Maserati towards the finish line at Rheims in France.  Noted authors Richard Adatto and Mark Furman were on hand displaying their new books and signing autographs. Legendary racecar driver Derek Bell posed with many admires. Notables Jay Leno, Adam Carolla, Ed Gilbertson, Terry Johnson and Winston Goodfellow were also seen as the rest of the who’s who in the collector car world viewed the fabulous display of Classics and racing vehicles from the pre teens thru the 1960’s.

At four hundred dollars per ticket one might ask is this good value for my money. The answer is yes. This is a motorsport experience of the highest magnitude. If you are a serious car collector or just an enthusiast, this show will take you to the ultimate level of the Concours experience.