Greetings to you all.

2017 is a banner year for the NAACC. Wagon Master Fraser Field and his wife Dorothy, from British Columbia, will be leading the NAACC 50th Anniversary Coasters Cross Canada Tour from Victoria BC to St. Johns Newfoundland this coming June. The Victoria departure will be June 29th. The two month tour will include a hundred plus vehicles with many pulling smaller RV style trailers. Many cars and trailers will be period and most are 30 years old or older.  There will be a website set up so that you can follow the Tour as it makes its way across Canada. The route includes stops in every Province. Call up and make an effort to come out and greet them along their historic journey. Joining the west coast with the east coast was the initial reason the NAACC for formed over 50 years ago. Fellowship and likeminded interests draw us all together. During this trip the NAACC will celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day on July 14th and will celebrate the entire month of July as Automotive Heritage Month in Canada. Official Government Proclamations are now being issued as I write this message to you.

Club insurance:

Car club insurance is a very important topic. The NAACC, at the request of the Vintage Car Club of Canada, arranged to provide Officers/Directors and club members insurance so that you and your families would all be protected against possible lawsuits for accidents while you or your club was hosting a meeting or a club function.

This insurance covers liquor liability while you are hosting an event as well as food preparation liability.

It also covers travel to the USA and back, and covers your club for damages to rental facilities. (Tenants Liability) Please take the time to view the terms and conditions on the NAACC website. The NAACC does not make any money from this program. We offer it strictly as a service to our member clubs. As an example, the 2017 Coasters Cross Canada Tour is sanctioned by the NCCCC and will be completely insured while they travel across Canada. The cost of the insurance program is very reasonable. If a club has 100 or more members the cost is a mere $5.00 per member per year for 3 million in coverage.

The cost increases to $6.00 per year if the insurance is increased to 5 million in coverage. For Clubs with less than a 100 members the costs are a flat fee of $500 for three million in coverage. The policy has a clause so that once a legal action has been initiated by someone who is suing the Club (YOU) and its Board of Directors the insurance company automatically has its legal department represent the Club and its members thus saving potential thousands of dollars in legal fees to its members and executive. The cost for this coverage to the club is a thousand dollar deducible. At that point in time the club is no longer required to pay any further expenses. This policy was designed specifically for the old car hobby. The NAACC worked for two years on a weekly basis with Pat Anderson Insurance Agency to develop this policy so that all of you in the hobby would be protected against lawsuits. In my opinion no club in Canada should be without this coverage.

I would also encourage you to join SEMA/SAN at no change. This is our USA counterpart who works tirelessly for all of us. Join today!  In closing let me assure you that your provincial NAACC Directors are working very hard to insure that you have the continued right to drive your collector vehicles on the public highways in Canada. Call up our website at

Warmest regards and safe driving.

John Carlson