Provincial Governments: Written submissions were presented to Provincial Governments by the NAACC asking that the month of July be declared as NAACC Automotive Heritage Month in 2016. Most Provincial Governments granted our request and issued formal declarations signed by the Premier or the Minister of Justice, Attorney General, the Lieutenant Governor or the Minister of Tourism. All Clubs were asked to submit their activities to the NAACC so they could then be highlighted on the NAACC website Many Provincial Governments have declared July 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 as NAACC Automotive Heritage Month. July 2016 has been declared as Automotive Heritage Month in Canada in most Provinces as of this writing. Collector Car Appreciation Day will be celebrated July 8, 2016 

E15 Ethanol Fuel: The NAACC continues strong opposition to the introduction and use of E15 Ethanol based fuel in Canada. The NAACC does not support the use of Ethanol blended fuels. All blends of Ethanol are reported to cause serious damage to a variety of components in collector vehicles. The use of E10 also causes deterioration in fuel lines, carburetors and fuel tanks. As an example, Corvettes from 1997 to 2008 have experienced significant problems. 

Vehicles that are stored with Ethanol blended fuel often sustain serious damage from phase separation. The NAACC recommends that vehicles stored for any period of time (2 months) be fueled with Shell 91, Chevron 94 or Esso non alcohol blended fuel.‐ethanol‐in‐gasoline‐bad‐for‐existing‐ cars‐say‐automakers 

Call up to locate Ethanol Free Service Stations in Canada and the USA.

  • Alaska: all gasoline is ethanol‐free. 
  • All Canada: Shell V‐Power, Esso premium, MacEwen premium 
  • Western Canada: CO‐OP premium 
  • New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI: all premium grade gasoline 
  • British Columbia: Chevron 94, Shell 91 
  • Ontario: Costco 91; Canadian Tire 91; Ultramar 91 
  • The Alliance of Auto Manufactures says they are concerned about the “Fear of failures”
    Their fear is that mechanical components on older vehicles, which were never designed for higher percentages of ethanol, will fail‐‐leaving them in the cross‐hairs of customers angry that their cars couldn’t run on a fuel they were not intended to use. Vulnerable components include engines, fuel pumps, and various rubber seals. The Alliance of Auto Manufacturers says that half the engines it tested had problems on blends with higher amounts of ethanol.

ICBC: Insurance Corporation of BC. The NAACC has been very active in British Columbia in 2016. In 2013 the NAACC sat on a three person panel at the request of ICBC to help determine acceptable ‘period’ accessories and variations for Collector Plated vehicles and to determine what would be acceptable deviations from absolute stock vehicles. The process involved doing extensive written submissions justifying our positions. Jim Macdonald, Nigel Mathews and John Carlson made up the three person panel. Submissions were scrutinized by ICBC and many suggestions were accepted. In 2016 we continue to meet with ICBC to determine the extension in year cutoff of the Modified Collector Plate and the inclusion of aftermarket Hot Rod bodies coupled with the acceptance of a fair‐weather clause for fenderless Hot Rods pre 1940. 

Paint & Finishes: We lobbied the Federal Government approximately several years ago so that all hobbyists in Canada could continue using lacquer based products for repair to their collector vehicles. In 2012 and 2013 we revisited the Federal Government again asking for the continued use of Lacquer based products. This lobby was successful. In 2016 you may still purchase and use lacquer based products in Canada. 

Club and Officers Insurance: We oversee the NAACC Clubs liability insurance program on behalf of Pat Anderson Insurance Agency. We deal directly with Commercial Insurance Advisor Christine Coulter on a regular basis. This club insurance program is considered by many in the hobby to be the most comprehensive insurance program in Canada. It covers liquor liability, travel to and from the USA, all club functions including the serving of food and beverage. It covers car shows and club meetings. It does not cover speed trails or competition events. This policy covers club Directors and Officers. The NAACC does not make any money from this policy. It is offered to our membership strictly as a service. 

Nova Scotia: The Nova Scotia government is doing a major motor vehicle legislative review. NAACC Director Conrad LeLievre continues to work with the Department of Motor Vehicles in Nova Scotia. This has been an ongoing process and an endless series of meetings. 

Quebec: In 2013 NAACC Director Michel Lamoureux brought Canada’s French Canadian component into the forefront of the hobby across Canada. Michel developed our new NAACC French Canadian logo. He was also instrumental in arranging meetings and introductions with a number of Quebec Car Club presidents. In 2016 Michel continues to promote the hobby in Quebec. 

Saskatchewan: Congratulations to NAACC Director Doug Keith. He was invited and has accepted a position as a Board Member for the Canadian Model A Ford Foundation Doug continues to serve as the NAACC National treasurer. 

Alberta: Both NAACC Directors James Herbert and Warren Rogalsky continue to lobby on behalf of the NAACC. They both attended the recent NAACC meeting at the Cobble Beach Concours in Ontario. Both work tirelessly to ensure our hobby is protected. 

Ontario: All NAACC Directors judged at the 2015 Cobble Beach Concours which was held on the Owen Sound just outside of Toronto. The show was another terrific success and has already gained significant attention from across North America and Europe. Over 4000 spectators traveled from across Canada and all parts of the USA to attend. NAACC President John Carlson serves as the Chief Judge. Rob McLeese, the show chairman & founder of the Cobble Beach Concours expressed his sincere appreciation to the NAACC for our involvement and the work that we do to support the hobby. The NAACC presented the Hobbyist of the Year Award to Steve Plunkett from Ontario Canada for his tireless commitment to the hobby and as a thank you for hosting the ‘Fleetwood Country Cruize In’ for all of these past years. 

In closing: I was recently asked by a car collector what they received for their $5.00 a year NAACC membership dues.(the price of a cup of coffee and a donut) 

My answer was, “many NAACC Directors spend twenty to thirty hours a month or more working for YOU and the general good of the hobby in their respective Provinces. I view that as exceptional value for your $5.00 a year membership.” Please, don’t let the coffee get cold! 

My warmest regards to you all.

John Carlson
President / CEO