NAACC takes a strong stand on the use of E15 Ethanol fuel

The NAACC does not support the use of Ethanol blended fuels. All blends of Ethanol are reported to cause serious damage to a variety of components in collector vehicles. The use of E10 causes deterioration in fuel lines, carburetors and fuel tanks. 

  • Vehicles that are stored with Ethanol blended fuel often sustain serious damage. The NAACC recommends that vehicles stored for any period of time be fueled with Shell 91 or Chevron 94 non alcohol blended fuel. 

E 15 Ethanol fuel is a new product that is now being introduced to the public in the USA. This fuel has NO redeeming features. It has been reported that if this fuel is used in vehicles older than 2012 that the vehicle will sustain serious damage to its fuel system. It is very corrosive and may also cause damage to engine pistons and valves because of detonation. This damage is caused by “Phase Separation” in the fuel itself. 

The NAACC strongly recommends that you call up the following video. This report will leave no doubt as to the harmful effects of E15. Triple A (AAA) in the USA has also stated that this product is very harmful to your vehicle. 

Please–Watch this video from Fox…if your CAR IS OLDER THAN 2012 you need to AVOID THE NEW E15 GASOLINE.

Most car companies including Ford, BMW, VW, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Mercedes, and Chrysler will not honor the warranty on your car if you use this new gasoline!!! 

  • Another side effect of the production of E15 is the rising cost of food. The summer of 2012 saw a serious drought in the mid west where crop yields were 15% less than normal. In the USA food costs will surely rise because there is a government mandate to provide 15% of the crop to corn squeezers for fuel. Canadian food prices will follow. 

In our opinion the production of this product is not about the green movement and providing a cleaner planet. It is all about money and subsidies! 

Thank you,

John Carlson