The National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada has worked hard for you in 2012. 

NAACC Membership Dues and Car Club Insurance fees: Both fees will remain the same for 2013. Car club insurance costs have not gone up in the past six years! This policy provides the best coverage in the hobby and includes liquor liability, travel to the USA and coverage for all club volunteers. 

The NAACC Declared July 2012 as Automotive Heritage Month in Canada. Most Provinces in Canada issued formal decrees declaring July as NAACC Automotive Heritage Month in 2012. Manitoba followed closely by British Columbia, PEI, SK and NFLD were the first Provinces to officially declare and issue provincial proclamations. July 2013 will again be declared as Automotive Heritage Month across Canada. 

Unfair GST / PST in BC. The BC Government has increased the sales tax on the private sale of used vehicles. Several years ago BC adopted the HST. BC voters ruled against the HST model and the GST/PST model is going to return on April 1, 2013. However, before the HST came in there was 7% PST charged on the private sale of a used vehicle or collector car. There was no GST charged. When the HST was instituted the government also instituted a new tax called Tax on Designated Products (TDP) that included the tax on the private sale of used cars. The government did not notify taxpayers about this ‘new tax’ until after the HST vote was taken. The NAACC maintains that private vehicle sellers should not have to pay GST (5%) on the sale of privately owned automobiles and collector cars that are 25 years and older. The HST is gone. The PST and GST will be back on April 1, 2013. GST was never charged on the private sale of collector cars in the past. So, why should it start now!

The NAACC urges BC residents to contact their BC MLA and the Premier to voice their strong opposition to this ‘new tax’. Go to please click on ‘Members’ and make your views know now!

LeMay ‘Americas Car Museum’ 2012 Our NAACC Alliance and support of the LeMay America’s Car Museum (ACM) is very positive. Please call up also, call up both Clubs & Sponsors to view our NAACC connection.“LeMay: America’s Car Museum (ACM) spotlights America’s love affair with the automobile. Featuring a nine-acre campus – with a four-story museum as the centerpiece – ACM, situated in Tacoma, Washington, 30 minutes south of Seattle, is one of the world’s largest auto 

museums and attractions. This spacious facility can house up to 500 cars, trucks and motorcycles from private owners, corporations and the LeMay collection, which amassed a Guinness Book record of more than 3,500 vehicles in the mid-‘90s” The NAACC Board of Directors were hosted at the ACM opening ceremonies. Please see opening ceremonies info at 

Motor Vehicle Legislation re write in Nova Scotia. The province of Nova Scotia started reviewing and rewriting its motor vehicle regulations in 2010. Some of the proposals include restrictions or could have an adverse effect on modified cars and four wheel drive vehicles. The NAACC is working as a ‘stakeholder’ with the province to provide recommendations. Nova Scotia NAACC director Conrad LeLievre has been interacting with the government for the past two years on your behalf. 

Leaded racing fuel: Our recommendation to the Federal Government to allow the continued use of leaded racing fuel is still in effect. Many race tracks across Canada were going to be forced to close their doors if this legislation was passed. We along with many car groups across Canada convinced the Federal Government to align themselves with the USA leaded racing fuel position. 

2013 Revised Judging Guidelines are now available on the web site There have been sweeping changes made including reverting from a 1000 point judging system to a 100 point system complete with score sheets. The new program will be used by the Vintage Car Club of Canada in 2013. 

NAACC Forum: Vice president Gordon Forman continues to oversee the Web Forum as well as chair our Appraisal Guideline committee. Call up the web site to access the Forum and make your views known. 

Corporate Sponsorship Program: Quebec’s Michael Lamoureux, Corporate Sponsorship Program Chairperson unveiled an inexpensive way for businesses to advertise their companies and products. Please see the web site for details. BC Director and VCCC national president Derek Long is also helping with this corporate program. 

SEMA: The NAACC has an Alliance with SEMA. We support their efforts in the USA and Canada. Colby Martin is the SEMA Action Network Director. He is based in California. Please contact him personally with any questions or concerns. He can be reached at 909/978-6721 or by e-mail at 

In closing, thank you to all of the NAACC Board of Directors for your tireless efforts! 

Warmest regards,

John Carlson