NAACC Declares July as Automotive Heritage Month in Canada. The Province of British Columbia declared the month of July as NAACC Automotive Heritage Month in 2011. I have been told that the BC Government will issue another Proclamation in the next two months declaring July 2012 as NAACC Automotive Heritage Month in BC. As of this writing we have commitments from seven provinces. Hopefully the rest will be on board soon. We ask that you send in your July activities to our web master Cam Hutchins outlining your club’s activities for July. 

Unfair GST / PST in BC 

The BC Government is going to increase the sales tax on the private sale of used vehicles. The government is being deceptive in their approach. Before the HST came in there was 7% PST charged on the private sale of a used vehicle or a collector car. There was no GST charged. The government did not notify taxpayers about this ‘new tax’ until after the HST vote was taken. The car dealers are pressuring the government for this new tax suggesting that they want a level playing field. The NAACC maintains that the playing field has always been level. Private parties should not have to pay GST (5%) on the sale of privately owned automobiles and collector cars. The HST is gone. The PST and GST are back. GST was never charged on the private sale of collector cars in the past. So, why should it start now! 

I urge you to contact your BC MLA and the Premier to voice your strong opposition to this ‘new tax’. Go to please click on ‘Members’ and make your views known now! 

John Carlson President / CEO NAACC