Alliances with the Historical Vehicle Association and FIVA

The (NAACC) National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada has entered into a formal agreement with the (HVA) Historical Vehicle Association. The HVA is the newly formed voice of the historic vehicle hobby in North America (Canada & USA). The NAACC was invited to become a Patron Member of the HVA and through the HVA has become an affiliate member of FIVA—the world governing organization for historic motor vehicles. The NAACC has been granted a portion of the HVA’s Canadian voting rights within FIVA and members of the NAACC will benefit from the combined initiatives of FIVA, the HVA and the NAACC. Later this year HVA basic memberships will be available to NAACC members at no charge. The details of the agreement were worked out between the NAACC and the HVA on November 17, 2009 in Traverse City, Michigan. 

One of our joint initiatives is the issuance of FIVA ID Cards to authenticate and classify historic vehicles. FIVA ID Cards are required for vehicle admission into some of the world’s premier classic car events. The NAACC and the Historical Vehicle Association are now working to build a network of FIVA ID Card inspectors in Canada. Volunteer inspectors will receive training from the HVA and be responsible for reviewing documentation and the physical inspection of vehicles according to the FIVA guidelines. Such inspections will support claims of authenticity and preservation. There have been seven appointments made. BC, AB, SK, MB, Ontario, Quebec and NFLD now have the capability to examine a historic vehicle and facilitate the issuance of an ID Card. 

It should be noted that performance vehicles including hot rods and race cars will included in the HVA inspection verification program. This process will document and verify the vehicle. This process will also help when dealing with theft as well as authenticity concerns. 

Update: The NAACC has successfully lobbied the Canadian Federal Government regarding body shop supplies including lacquer based paint. The Federal Government has agreed to allow lacquer based products to continue to be purchased and used for repair purposes in Canada.

John Carlson
President / CEO