NAACC Coasters Cross Canada Tour slated for 2022

I am very pleased to report that I met with Fraser Field recently. Fraser and his wife Dorothy have volunteered again and agreed to act as the Wagon Masters for the NAACC Coasters Cross Canada Tour in 2022. Folks, that is just five short years from now. It seems like yesterday that we finished the 2017 Tour that traveled from Victoria BC to St. John’s Newfoundland.

The 2010 Tour took over five years to plan. Fraser and Dorothy have been the Wagon Masters for the past two NAACC Cross Canada Tours. At the conclusion of the 2017 Tour they were presented with the NAACC Hobbyist of the Year Award in Newfoundland and again at the prestigious Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Owen Sound Ontario two weeks later. Over 5000 spectators joined together on the lush grounds of the Cobble Beach golf course and applauded them for all of their hard work and effort as they received this prestigious award.

I have a report from Wagon Master Fraser Field that I would like to share with you.

 “We are pleased to announce the planning stage of the 2022 NAACC Coasters Cross Canada Tour. Starting in St. John’s Newfoundland on July 5th, 2022 and finishing in Victoria BC on August 28th. Fifty five exciting days exploring the wonders of Canada with fellow enthusiasts from across this great nation.  Wagon Masters Fraser and Dorothy Field with their team of support volunteers will plan and host the event. A new and different route is currently being planned; it is early so submit your ideas and suggestions. The tour will be limited to 55 vehicles to include cars, light trucks and motorcycles twenty five years old or older. The low registration numbers may result in a lottery style draw, get your name and the picture of your pride and joy vehicle in soon. This tour will be the 55th Anniversary of the original 1967 tour and will embrace the history of our transportation heritage.  The success of the previous tours and the many requests we have received has prompted yet another tour to be planned.

We would like to thank the Board Members and President John Carlson of the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada for their help and assistance in making these tours a success.”

Fraser and Dorothy Field
Wagon Masters/Coordinators
Coasters Canada Tour 2022

From my perspective as your NAACC President and also a Tour participant; I felt that the 2017 Tour was a huge success! The group traveled to every Province in Canada and was hosted by many local car clubs and cities. The store keepers and shops were terrific. Local government officials also greeted the Tour at many stops. Both the local Mayor and Federal Minister greeted the group in PEI. Truly, this was a Tour not to be forgotten.

Some towns literally declared a holiday and shut down for the day as the Coasters arrived. BBQ’s, welcoming parties and all types of other entrainment seemed to be the norm as the group traveled the back roads of Canada.

There are hundreds of stories of compassion and local communities wanting to lend a helping hand to some Coasters who were having mechanical problems. As an example, one the Coasters bent the axle on their brand new 13 foot travel trailer near Brooks Alberta. They were told by the local RV repair shop that it was too badly damaged and that they would have wait for a week to get a new axle and have it installed. Fortunately, they recommended a truck repair shop nearby.

The trailer was towed to ‘Crosstown Truck’, 639 Sutherland Drive in Brooks, Alberta.

Co owner Blair Hassett did some juggling, re-arranged the shop schedule and brought the trailer in for inspection. He said to the owners, ‘this is your lucky day as I have the best axle mechanic in the country working today”. The mechanic viewed the trailer and  axle from an in ground pit that was specifically designed to do this type of work. The mechanics observation was that the axle had been installed upside down at the factory. He made a decision not to disassemble but rather to hydraulically bend the axle into its proper position and shape. He re-adjusted the camber, caster and tow-in to factory specifications. He checked all of the other components. Approximately an hour and half later he was finished. The owner of the trailer was invited into the office to view the speciation sheet and settle up the bill. The owner reviewed the paperwork and then asked shop co owner Blair Hassett where the bill was.

Blair smiled and replied “this one is on the house” saying, “I really admire what you folks are doing”. As the owner of the trailer I was overcome by the generosity of Crosstown Truck. What a truly generous act of kindness this was! I felt my throat tighten and my voice quiver as I thanked Blair for his kindness. He had no idea that I was the president of the NAACC and that I would spread his praises to anyone that would listen! Crosstown Truck and Blair Hassett will live in my memory until the day I die. As an aside, their shop has nine full time mechanics and 5 apprentices. It is one of the largest, most organized and most professional shops I have ever seen.

There were many other Coasters who had similar stories. Over the next few months we will bring you some of their adventures.

The National Board is currently working with Ontario SVA-O president Chris Whillans to help regulate the Ethanol content in fuel. Conrad Lièvre is working in Nova Scotia to help rewrite the Provincial Motor Vehicle Act. The NAACC is currently working with several clubs to help them obtain proper club insurance and is dealing with ICBC in British Columbia on an ongoing basis.

In closing, I want to wish you all the very best and look forward to bringing you additional information about the 2022 NAACC Coasters Cross Canada Tour.

Happy Motoring

John Carlson