List of Appraisers in Canada

Updated Oct. 2020

Having a name listed here on the NAACC website indicates that he or she has promised to adhere to the standards as set out by the NAACC publication.

Failure by any listed appraiser to follow the guidelines set out will result in the removal of the name from this listing.

The list is by sorted by date according to when they signed up with the NAACC.

NAACC is not endorsing any party, nor will it be held responsible for any dealings arising from the listing.

Please report any complaints directly to the committee after discussing with the appraiser.

John Carlson, Appraiser

Years doing appraisals: Serving the Collector Car Community since 1979

Phone: 604-931-5948

Region covered: British Columbia

Comments: ICBC and BCAA accepted, vehicle evaluation for insurance and pre purchase inspections, will also arrange the purchase and sale of collector vehicles(NADA) National Automobile Dealers Association Advisory Board Member, Chairman NAACC Appraisal Committee

Maurice( Mo) Hall, Appraiser

Years doing appraisals: 10

Phone: 306-757-5921 / Winter Arizona 480-654-2283

Regions covered: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta

Area of expertise: Classics, Special Interest, Modifieds, Antiques as well as Arbitrations.

Comments: Accredited by the Specialty Vehicle Appraisers Institute of Alberta,

RC Appraisal

Reimund Cabel, Appraiser

Years doing appraisals: 10

Phone: 204-254-7910

Region covered: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Area of expertise: Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, 1960 to 1990 – Muscle Cars & others

Comments: Vehicle evaluation for insurance, formerly SMI – trained, Manitoba MOPAR Assoc. member (1996 to current)

Chapman Auto Appraisal Services

Bill Chapman, Appraiser

Years doing appraisals: 12

Phone: 705-761-4035

Region covered: Ontario

Area of expertise: Rod & Custom, Classics & Firetrucks, body & paint.

Comments: Classic owner. 25 years experience paint/body/mechanic. Certified in Corrosion.

Mark Woehrle, Appraiser

Years doing appraisals: 8

Phone: 905-544-0149 / 866-544-4040

Region covered: Southern Ontario

Area of expertise: Cars, trucks, bikes, RVs, boats, trailers & more

Comments: Vehicle evaluation for insurance, formerly SMI – trained, Manitoba MOPAR Assoc. member (1996 to current)

Don Cooper, Appraiser

Years doing appraisals: since late 1990s

Phone: 403-703-1131 / 888-701-3284

Regions covered: Southern Alberta and South Eastern BC

Area of expertise: Street Rod, Antiques, Vintage, Muscle and Custom Cars.

Comments: Past President of the SVAA. Founding member of the SVAI and Past President of the SVAI. Past Judge for Good Guys. Award winner at World of Wheels, Super Chevy Sunday, ISCA, and Performance Parts Show Series.

Ron Szoczei, Appraiser

Years doing appraisals: Since 1999

Phone: 604-307-7564

Region covered: Canada & US

Area of expertise: Motorcycles-Harley Davidson & Custom Built

Comments: ICBC Recognized, Recommended and required by many other B.C. Insurers. Referred by the Harley Davidson Museum USA & Canada.

Motorsport 1320

Vernon Christy, Appraiser

Years doing appraisals: 5

Phone: 613-827-1582

Region covered: Ontario

Area of expertise: Classics/Historical, Race car & Support Equipment, Muscle Car, Boats, Accident estimating

Comments: Journeyman Tech, Appraisal experience, Under Diversified Appraisal of Calgary, SFI certified

Foster Monson, Appraiser

Years doing appraisals: 40

Phone: 306-537-7707

Region covered: Saskatchewan

Comments: E&O Insurance carried: Marsh Canada

John Robertson, Appraiser

Years doing appraisals: since 2016

Phone: 250-851-5281

Region covered: BC, predominantly the Interior of BC

Area of expertise: Vintage, Modified, Cars Trucks and Motorcycles, marital, estate

Comments: Classic owner. Trained, Accredited and E&O Insured through Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute of Alberta. Member of Vintage Car Club of Canada Kamloops Chapter, Okanagan Mustang and Ford Club.