2023 is fast becoming a banner year for the NAACC. At least 30 new clubs have joined the NAACC in 2023. The Directors and Officers’ liability insurance component coupled with coverage for the entire family membership has been the catalyst. I am receiving calls weekly from clubs across Canada wanting to know how they can qualify for our insurance program. The simple answer is, all you need to do is to have your club join the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada. The membership cost is only $5.00 per family membership. Your club does not have to be a registered Society.

  • Some NAACC benefits: Representation at the Federal Government level to keep your collector vehicles on the public highways. You can follow the news of the hobby on our Website naacc.ca
  • Quarterly Reports and periodic updates. Coverage on Facebook & Twitter
  • Coverage of NAACC sanctioned events such as the Cobble Beach Concours held in Owen Sound Ontario, Pacific Northwest Deuce Days held in Victoria, BC (next event 2025) and the Coasters Cross Canada held every 5 years.
  • We are affiliated with the (CCMTA) Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators. The NAACC spends on average $2500-$3000 to attend meetings and pay their dues so that we can provide input from the collector vehicle perspective. This is to help you stay on the public roads!
  • Getting Paid: Recently I was asked by Jim Carpenter, the president of the Vintage Car Club of Canada, if any one on the NAACC team got paid for doing their job. My answer was a straight forward no. No one on the Board gets paid for doing their job. We are all volunteers.
  • In late 2022 we are fortunate to welcome two new Directors. Jean-Yves Gauthier joins us from Quebec and David Murphy joins us from Orangeville Ontario. 
  • Insurance Claim: We recently had an insurance claim that was paid out by our insurance company. The claim was in excess of $54,000. Our NAACC insurance worked well and the claim was paid without hesitation or dispute.

What happened could have happened to any member of any club.  A member of the Vintage Car Club of Canada fell and broke his hip on some loose concrete outside of an ice arena. He was headed into a vintage car swap meet. Unfortunately, the club had waved their right to subrogation when they signed the waver with the city to rent the arena. Also, when the Club was asked if they did a due diligence inspection of the site, they were honest and said no.  They assumed it was safe. This left the insurance lawyers helpless. Hence, the insurance company paid out the five figure claim made by injured party. The lesson for all of us is to have an inspection team do a survey of the area of a club function and report any dangerous concerns back to the renter immediately. The positive thing about this occurrence is that this the second time the NAACC insurance program has performed well and saved the members of club and their Board of Directors from being from being sued. I am sure there are not many clubs who could afford a $54,000 plus $$ payout plus the legal costs associated with the claim. The moral of the story. Make sure your club has liability insurance.

Good News: For those of you who are Hot Rod enthusiasts please note that the NAACC and the (AHRF) American Hot Rod Foundation, under the leadership of Director David Steele, have partnered. We fully support the AHRF. They trace the history of hot rodding back to its roots. We strongly encourage you to join this group  https://ahrf.com The American Hot Rod Foundation is a non profit, focused on preserving hot rod history. They have recorded more than 150 interviews with the most important pioneers of the sport. Their website packed with history and is simply awesome!

In closing, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you again for your support as we head into cruising weather.

Warmest Regards,
John Carlson
NAACC President/CEO