The NAACC Board of Directors urges all of the automotive clubs across Canada to call up SEMA/SAN on the Internet and join. Your membership makes a big difference to our Canadian representation. Please sign up for a free membership.

• The Province of Nova Scotia continues the revision of their motor vehicle act. NAACC Director Conrad LeLievre acts as the NS representative on their advisory panel. He is heavily involved with this re-write. Provincial & Federal motor vehicle legislation is an ongoing ever changing process. 

• Alberta NAACC Director James Herbert continues to represent our group to the (CCMTA) Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators.

• Ethanol based Fuels and your fuel tank:

Vintage vehicle owners and enthusiasts who have the gas tank sealer made by 3 M (product number EC776) in their fuel tanks from years ago need to re-slosh their fuel tanks as this fuel tank compound is not suitable for Ethanol based fuels. Ethanol will break down the product and will cause fuel tanks leaks and carburetor blockage. Please refer to NAACC report #89 on the web site  and view the video for a complete overview. 

The NAACC has re-submitted a request to the Federal Government regarding Ethanol based fuels. The NAACC takes a position that it does not favor ethanol based fuels and strongly urges that E30 not be allowed in the marketplace. Further, there is conclusive evidence that E10 & E15 ethanol based fuels cause serious harm to older vehicle fuel systems including fuel tanks. 

• Automotive Heritage Month Canada wide:

The NAACC declared, for the 6 straight year, that July was to be ‘Automotive Heritage Month. It was suggested that Collector Car Appreciation Day be celebrated July 10, 2015 to coincide with the SEMA program across North America & Canada. There are pictures on the web site of the July activities.

• Collector Plates in British Columbia:

A group made up from representatives of the SVABC/CCCC, Nigel Matthews  VCCC, Jim Macdonald, NAACC, John Carlson & the Early Ford V8 Club Region 120, Joe & Neva Ledlin met with ICBC and Mr. Mark Francis, manager of ICBC provincial motor vehicle registration, approximately two and one half years ago to discuss and work out details for extending the cutoff date for the modified ‘collector plate program’ in BC. The suggestion was that modified collector plates be extended to include 1974 vehicles.  Some of the other continuing topics discussed at length were fenderless cars and composite bodies for modified vehicles. The National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada strongly recommends to its BC member clubs that all of these topics be supported and hopes ICBC will approve these requests in early 2016. 

Subject: Alert—–Stolen Vehicle

1928 Blue Chevrolet Coupe Stolen  RCMP File # 2014-1542653

“As of September 2, 2015 this vehicle is still missing”

The car in the pictures was stolen on or about November 15, 2014 from Don Thomas’s farm near Herronton (southwest of Mossleigh, AB). 

If you see the car or have information that may help with its being returned to its owner, please contact:

High River RCMP- RCMP File # 2014-1542653
1104 – 14th Street SE High River, AB T1V 1W2
Phone: 403-652-2357
Ontario Canada

September 13, 2015 is the date of the Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This show is one of the top shows in North America.  The show, now in its third year, is receiving worldwide recognition. 

In closing, I am pleased to announce that Cross Canada Coast to Coast Tour scheduled for 2017 is nearly full with over 100 participants. Many provinces are already making plans to host this group. Please call up or write Canadian Coasters, 9629 Johnson Rd, Deroche, BCV0M 1G0 for information about how your club might become involved.

Thank you for your continued support.

John Carlson
President / CEO, NAACC