Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020

2019 has been a very busy year for the NAACC

NAACC Director Conrad LeLièvre is part of the Nova Scotia government automotive legislation re-write team. He meets with Government on a regular basis. NS is drafting new legislation that will allow collector vehicles more freedom and provide guidelines for safer operation. Conrad also represents the NAACC at the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators meetings. Conrad helps to shape Federal and Provincial Highway laws. It is very important that collector car hobby has a seat at this table.

  • All Provinces but one issued 2019 Proclamations declaring July 12th as International Collector Car Appreciation Day across the USA & Canada and July as Automotive Heritage Month across Canada. Nine Provinces in Canada have now adopted this SEMA/NAACC project.  
  • NAACC Directors in each Province need your help and advice as to how to host this group in your Province. Please call up NAACC Coasters Cross Canada Tour 2022. The tour will travel from NF to Victoria BC. NAACC Director Fraser Field and his wife Dorothy are once again the official Wagon Masters. Several Provinces have already volunteered to host BBQ’s, local tours and club get togethers as the Coasters Tour moves through their Provinces.                                                                                         

The NAACC sanctioned three major Concours d’Elegance’s in 2019. The Cobble Beach Concours in Kemble, Ontario. the Crescent Beach Concours in Surrey, BC. and the Vancouver Island Concours in Victoria BC.

All fall under the NAACC umbrella. These were excellent shows!!! Plan to attend them in 2020. Congratulations to the Cobble Beach Concours. It was ranked in the top 10 Concours in North America in 2019.

  • $…The NAACC has once again negotiated with Marks Work Ware House for your 10% discount card across Canada. (good until 2021) This card was distributed with your 2019 NAACC renewal. You will receive another card for 2020.
  • The NAACC has an updated website. NAACC Webmaster Cameron Hutchins spent many hours building a completely new website this past year. Please call up This site has a wealth of information on it! See the ‘Vehicles’ section for articles about maintaining your vehicle.
  • Club Insurance has become a priority with many Clubs in Canada. We have clubs in nine Provinces taking our NAACC Reliance Insurance Club membership protection is certainly worth the $5.00 per year per member cost. Officers and Directors are included.
  • A special welcome to the National Corvette Alliance Group of Canada headed by president Guy Tessier of Sudbury Ontario. This new NAACC group already has several clubs and is protected by the NAACC Club Reliance Insurance program. They are expecting over 500 members by early spring.
  • Congratulations to President TJ and the Timmins Tuners (Ontario). They have over 700 new members for 2019. Call them up on Facebook.

In closing, the NAACC has representatives in every Province in Canada working on your behalf to ensure that you all have a trouble-free collector vehicle driving experience.  Don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ the NAACC Facebook page. Look for regular weekly updates from NAACC Director Bob R Ford so you know what’s happening.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very special Christmas 2019 and a fun filled and prosperous Happy New Year for 2020.

Warmest regards, 
John Carlson
President/CEO   NAACC