The NAACC has declared July as Automotive Heritage Month. There are many activities planned to celebrate the collector car hobby. North West Deuce Day July 16- 18 2010 will be held in Victoria BC. Over four hundred 1932 Fords are registered and over 900 pre 1951 vehicles are attending this event. Rumor suggests that over one hundred 1932 Fords are driving from Southern California to attend. Please call up 

Great News: LeMay America’s Car Museum’, Tacoma Washington, has started construction of their new museum. The ceremonial ground breaking occurred at the Tacoma Dome on Thursday, June 10. The NAACC took part in the ceremony. They have a strategic Alliance with the LeMay America Museum. Call up web site 

Canadian Cross Canada Tour: Over one hundred NAACC participants are involved in the Coasters Cross Canada Tour. The NAACC secured the insurance for this journey and is a strong supporter of the event. The official Newfoundland to British Columbia Tour takes place July 7th to August 21st, 2010— for information call up 

Le Mirage Concours will be taking place in Quebec on July 16-18 NAACC Director Michel Lamoureux is part of the organizing committee and suggests that this spectacular Concours is destined to become one of the worlds leading Concours. The theme for 2010 is Beauty and the Beast. There will be a special tribute to the equestrian world. Please call up 

Leaded Racing Fuel– Breaking News, June 19 2010. The Gasoline Regulations have now been amended to allow for the production, import and sale of leaded gasoline for use in competition vehicles. 

The National Association has been submitting requests and information to the Canadian Federal Government regarding the leaded racing fuel lobby for over two years. In January of 2010 the NAACC submitted ‘Briefs’ again to the Federal Government asking that the Leaded Racing Fuel ban in be extended for an additional five years. Many clubs and Associations across Canada have worked very hard on this project. As of June 19th 2010 the amendments have been registered and are in effect. The amendments will be added to the Orders in Council database in the coming days and publication will follow shortly thereafter in Canada Gazette, Part II. Information is available at: 

Historical Vehicle Association (HVA) Please complete this survey

The ability to measure the economic impact of the collector car hobby is a critical tool in helping transform historic vehicle ownership from a hobby into a movement. Putting a dollar amount on the impact of buying, selling, maintaining, restoring, showing and driving historic vehicles will give the hobby a powerful tool to safeguard the future of collecting and fight off detrimental regulations. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and is done entirely online by going to the secure link at or by visiting This information is completely confidential.