Province of Manitoba


WHEREAS the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada (NAACC) is celebrating the month of July as “Automotive Heritage Month” across Canada; and

WHEREAS as part of the month-long national commemoration of automotive heritage, provincial and local automobile clubs are planning and promoting a wide range of automotive events taking place during the month of July throughout the country; and

WHEREAS the NAACC is promoting July 12, 2024 as “Collector Car Appreciation Day” to be celebrated throughout the Province; and

WHEREAS automotive heritage has broad appeal for both the automobile enthusiast and the general public; and

WHEREAS many of the events also raise funds for worthy charitable causes and general community benefit; and

WHEREAS automotive clubs contribute to the vibrancy and excitement of communities throughout Canada by participating in local festivals, parades and celebrations;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT KNOWN THAT I, Glen Simard, Minister of Sport, Culture, Heritage and Tourism, do hereby proclaim that July 12, 2024, shall be known as


in Manitoba, and do commend its thoughtful observance to all citizens of our province.

Honourable Glen Simard
Minister of Sport, Culture, Heritage and Tourism

Proclamation - Automotive Heritage Month Collector Car Appreciation Day 2024 Manitoba