The 6th annual Crescent Beach Concours D Elegance was held Sept 2, 2017 at Blackie’s Spit in Crescent Beach, part of Surrey, BC.

I spent Saturday morning at the Crescent Beach Concours D Elegance and was blown away by many of the cars. The Triumph Italia was one of my favourites, basically a TR-3 chassis rebodied by Vignale for the Italian Importer who felt the Italians would not buy a car without roll up windows and modern amenities. The cars styling obviously heavily influenced the boxy Triumph TR4 styling.

I also was kind of fond of the 1958 Chrysler 300D Coupe, big, brash and powerful, the car sold for $6,000 new and was affectingly referred to as the “Bankers Hot Rod”. Another cool car was the one owner 1970 Camaro SS 396 with 4 speed manual transmission that is un-restored and just magnificent.

Of course the over the top crazy scale belongs to two cars. The 1930 Bugatti Type 44 2 Seater Cabriolet and the 1967 Ferrari 275 GTS/4 Nart Spyder. Spyder, Cabriolet, two fancy ways of saying convertible, but so elegant and so amazing to get to see both these cars up close and personal. The NART Ferrari was one of only 2 Aluminum bodied versions of a 10 car run.

But better than seeing either of these cars was seeing them on the road. Both are driven as all great cars need to be.