ICBC: The NAACC was very active in British Columbia in 2012 & 13. We sat on a three person panel at the request of ICBC to help determine acceptable period accessories and variations for Collector Plated vehicles and to determine what would be acceptable deviations from absolute stock vehicles. The process involved doing extensive written submissions justifying our positions. Jim Macdonald, Nigel Mathews and John Carlson made up the three person panel. Submissions were scrutinized by ICBC and many suggestions were accepted. 

BC Government: A written submission was presented to the BC Government by the NAACC asking that the month of July be declared as NAACC Automotive Heritage Month in British Columbia. The Provincial Government granted our request and issued a formal declaration signed by both the Minister of Justice and Attorney General and the Lieutenant Governor. All VCCC Chapters and BC member clubs were asked to submit their activities so they could then be highlighted on the NAACC website The BC Government declared July 2011 and July 2012 July 13 as NAACC Automotive Heritage Month. 

TDP: The NAACC also lobbied the BC Government to drop the newly created (TDP) Tax on Designated Products once the HST is rolled back to the PST/GST in April 2013. A NAACC car clubs in BC were provided written outlines and government addresses and asked to have their club members send letters to their MLA’s and the government asking that the extra TDP 5% sales tax on the sale of used vehicles be brought back to the what it was before the HST was initiated. We received many replies from both sides of the government. The NAACC’s position is that the sale of Collector vehicles 25 years old and older should not have this TDP tax applied to them. Since the Province is reverting back to the PST/GST format the sales of used vehicles should remain the same as it was before the HST was initiated.

Paint & Finishes: We lobbied the Federal Government approximately 4 years ago so that all hobbyists in Canada could continue using lacquer based products for repair to their collector vehicles. In 2012 we revisited the Federal Government again asking for the continued use of both Lacquer and Enamel based products. This lobby was successful for Lacquer based paint. You may purchase and use lacquer based products in Canada. You may not purchase and use enamel based products once they gone from the marketplace. Trim Clad products are still available in BC. 

E15 Ethanol Fuel: The NAACC has voiced very strong opposition to the introduction and use of E15 Ethanol based fuel in Canada. The NAACC does not support the use of Ethanol blended fuels. All blends of Ethanol are reported to cause serious damage to a variety of components in collector vehicles. The use of E10 also causes deterioration in fuel lines, carburetors and fuel tanks. Vehicles that are stored with Ethanol blended fuel often sustain serious damage. The NAACC recommends that vehicles stored for any period of time be fueled with Shell 91, Chevron 94 or Esso non alcohol blended fuel. Insurance: We oversee the NAACC BC Clubs liability Insurance program on behalf of Pat Anderson Insurance Agency. I deal directly with Christine Coulter on a regular basis.

In closing: VCCC President Derek Long was recently asked by a VCCC member what they received for their $5.00 a year NAACC membership dues . Many NAACC Directors spend twenty to thirty hours a month or more working for the general good of the hobby in their respective Provinces. In BC the NAACC is part of the Collector Car Club Council. We meet on a regular basis. The NAACC also meets with the BC Government, Air Care and ICBC. If you would like to help I am currently looking for another NAACC BC representative to represent the Province. If you are prepared to donate two hours a day or 40 hours a month please let me know. 

John Carlson,
President / CEO