NAACC BC Directors Report

  • The British Columbia Government has officially issued a 2019 Proclamation. July 12th is officially International Collector Car Appreciation Day across the USA & Canada and July is officially Automotive Heritage Month across Canada.  
  • NAACC Director Conrad LeLièvre is sitting on the NS government automotive legislation rewrite team. This is a long drawn out project that is far from being finished. The Conrad has spent countless hours working with the NS government to insure we can drive and use our collector vehicles on our public highways.
  • The NAACC attended the (CCMTA) Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators meeting in Quebec in 2018. This three-day annual meeting is the cornerstone for exploring new Federal motor vehicle legislation in Canada. The NAACC represents the Collector Car Community across Canada when it attends this meeting.
  • The costs to attend this meeting to provide input is nearly $3000 including airfare, hotel and registration costs. This is where some of your NAACC dues go each year. Thank you to Conrad LeLièvre for giving up three days of his life to attend these meetings on your behalf.
  • The NAACC will once again sanction the NAACC Coasters Cross Canada Tour in 2022. The 55 plus vehicle tour will travel from NF to Victoria BC. NAACC Director Fraser Field and wife Dorothy are once again the official Wagon Masters.
  • The NAACC is sanctioning two major Concours d’Elegance’s in 2019. The Cobble Beach Concours in Kemble Ontario and the Crescent Beach Concours in Crescent Beach BC both fall under the NAACC umbrella.
  • The NAACC asked the VCCC for support in 2018 to help ward off a proposed 25% import tax on vehicles imported to the USA from abroad and Canada. Unfortunately, very few VCCC members made the effort or took the time to provide impute on the Government survey website even though we contacted you. It was truly disappointing. The ramification is that if this legislation passes it will now be much harder to sell your Canadian vehicles into the USA as there will be a 25% import tax imposed on the purchaser based on the selling price. We are all holding our breath.
  • The NAACC has once again negotiated with Marks Work Ware House for a 10% discount card across Canada. (good for two years) This card has been distributed with your 2019 NAACC renewal.
  • The NAACC has a new website. BC Webmaster Cam Hutchins has spent many hours putting up a completely new website up.
    This site has a wealth of information on it.

In closing, the NAACC has representatives in every Province in Canada trying to ensure that you all have a trouble-free driving experience on our public highways.

Thank you all for your support.

Best regards.

BC NAACC Directors:
Morley McDonald, John Carlson, Fraser Field