Prince Edward Island

Automotive Heritage Month
July, 2017

WHEREAS NAACC Automotive Heritage Month was designated in July 2010 to recognize the national unity that automotive hobbyists generate from coast to coast; and

WHEREAS automotive hobbyists generate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business and employment to all of the Canadian provinces; and

WHEREAS more and more Canadians have become socially involved and embrace the fields of automotive interest; and

WHEREAS NAACC Automotive Heritage Month showcases the hobby and the national unity that is generated from the hobby;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT I, the Honourable Paula Biggar, Minister of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy, do hereby recognize the contribution made by the automobile and its owners in Canada over the past 100 years and declare July 2017 to be NAACC Automotive Heritage Month in the Province of Prince Edward Island.

Signed at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, this 26th of June, 2017.

Minister Paula Biggar, Minister
Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Automotive Heritage Month Declaration 2017