29 June 2016
FREDERICTON (GNB) – In celebration of New Brunswick’s rich automotive history, and at the request of the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada, Tourism, Heritage and Culture Minister John Ames has declared July Automotive Heritage Month.

“I am pleased to declare July Automotive Heritage Month in New Brunswick,” said Ames. “This is an opportunity for us to learn about the important history of the automobile, share in the passion of automobile enthusiast and to celebrate our province’s automotive heritage.”

New Brunswick will be among the many jurisdictions across the country that will celebrate Automotive Heritage Month.

In the province, this hobby thrives especially during the summer months when various clubs and individuals are out enjoying their vehicles. Whether it is through car shows or simply going for a drive, classic cars never fail to turn heads and start conversations.

Many clubs host events across the province in celebration of their antique and classic cars. One of the largest shows held in the province is the Atlantic Nationals. From July 6 to 10, Moncton is transformed into a car lover’s paradise with car enthusiasts and fans celebrating the automobile and its history. Almost 2,000 vehicles from across Canada, the Maritimes and the United States will be on display. This event attracts close to 100,000 people annually to the Greater Moncton area.

“Celebrating the history of the automobile and its impact on our lifestyle helps us remember the important role automobiles have had on shaping our history,” said Ames.