Our National Appraisal Guidelines Program has been developed to provide uniformity in appraisals across Canada. There has been a growing need in the last decade to provide assurances to both vehicle owner and insurer.

Appraisals must be taken confidently.

Insurers need assistance with values of vehicles that are unique and therefore do not have a historic database from which to take information from.

Owners need to know there is an understanding between them and their insurers as to what value is real, in the case of a claim.

Inter-provincial acceptance of the appraisal is a target for our program; presently not possible with many provinces.

Consumer confidence is a major benefit, when the customer knows the appraisal is backed.

In turn for using our guidelines, we, the NAACC, will facilitate an insurance policy for the appraiser. Additionally, the appraiser’s contact information will be listed on the NAACC website.

It must be pointed out that NAACC is an arm’s-length third party here, simply aiding. The NAACC does not administer or police, simply guide. Please take particular note that no person representing NAACC will consent to represent any party in a court of law.

Should anyone request assistance, the NAACC, through it’s network of contacts and provincial Directors may be able to provide information, and may be more than willing. After all, we are all in this hobby for the same reason.

To be listed, please complete the form on the last page of the guidelines and submit.



Company Name: Carlson Custom Automotive Appraisals and Consulting

Appraiser’s Name: John J. Carlson,Years doing appraisals: Serving the Collector Car Community since 1979 Contact Address: 3512 Marine Ave. City: Belcarra British Columbia, V3H4R8 Province, BC Postal Code: V3H4R8
Email address:
Area Code & Phone #: 604-931-5948 (PST)
Area Code & Fax #: 604-931-5947
Area covered: British Columbia
Comments: ICBC and BCAA accepted, vehicle evaluation for insurance and pre purchase inspections, will also arrange the purchase and sale of collector vehicles (NADA) National Automobile Dealers Association Advisory Board Member

Date: Dec 24, 2008 Company Name: Mo’s Car Stuff Name: Maurice( Mo) Hall
Address: Box 32027 City: Regina Code: S4N 7L2
Years doing appraisals: 10
Phone: 306-757-5921, Winter Arizona# 480-654-2283
Area covered: Manitoba, Sask., Alberta
Comments:- Accredited by the Specialty Vehicle Appraisers Institute of Alberta,
– Website,
– 40 Years experience in the old car area.
Area of expertise: Classics, Special Interest, Modifieds, Antiques as well as Arbitrations.

Company Name: RC Appraisal Apraisars
name: Reimund Cabel
Years doing Business: 10 years
Contact Adress: 34 Regis Dr. Winnipeg Manitoba R2N 1K3
e-mail address:
Phone: 204 254 7910
Area covered: Manitoba – Winnipeg
Comments: Vehicle evaluation for insurance, formerly SMI – trained, Manitoba MOPAR Assoc. member (1996 to current) Area of expertise: Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, 1960 to 1990 – Muscle Cars & others

Date: Sept.26, 2010
Company Name: Chapman Auto Appraisal Services
Name: Bill Chapman
Address: Box 682
City: Norwood ON
Code: K0L 2V0
Years doing appraisals: 2
Phone: 705 639 8947
Area covered: ON
Comments:- Classic owner.
– 25 years experience paint/body/mechanic. Member CCPAG and TOSCOT. Certified in Corrosion.
Area of expertise: Rod & Custom, Classics & Firetrucks, body & paint.

Date: Dec.1, 2010
Company Name: Automotive Evolutions
Appraisers name: Mark Woehrle
Years of doing appraisals: 8
Contact Address: 98 Limeridge Rd E, Unit #D
Hamilton ON L9A 2S3
Phone: 905 544-0149 / 866-544-4040
area covered: Southern Ontario
Experience/Qualification: see website
Area of Expertise:Cars, trucks, bikes, RVs, boats, trailers & more


Date: Feb 09, 2009
Company Name: Nostalgic Vehicle Appraisals
Name: Bruce MacLean
Address: 708 Willow Ave
City: Oak Bank MB
Code: Roe1J1
Years doing appraisals: 18
Phone: 204 444 4012
Area covered: Manitoba, N/W Ontario Sask.
– Website, none
Area of expertise: All except Tuner cars

Date: Feb 1, 2009
Company Name: C/S Automotive Appraisals
Name: Blair Degenstein
City: Langley BC
Code: V3A 2A9
Years doing appraisals: 28
Phone: 604 594 5977
Area covered: Lower Mainland BC
– 30 Years experience in automotive Markets.
Area of expertise: Classic & Vintage, Specialty, Late Model, Custom & Motorcycles
Total Loss Arbitration Accelerated Depreciation

Company Name: Chrome Dreams Appraisal Service
Appraisars name: Ron Szoczei
Years doing Business: 10 years
Contact Address: 8567 132st
Surrey BC V3W4N8
e-mail address:
Phone: 604 307 7564
Fax: 604 572 6507
Area covered: Canada & US
Comments: ICBC Recognized, Recommended and required by many other B.C. Insurers. Referred by the Harley Davidson Museum USA & Canada.
Area of expertise: Motorcycles-Harley Davidson & Custom Built

Company Name: Motorsport 1320
Appraisars name: Vernon Christy
Years of doing appraisals: 5
Contact Address: D-3 32 Lake St
Picton ON K0K 2T0
Phone: 613 827 1582
area covered: Ontario
Experience/Qualification: Journeyman Tech, Appraisal experience, Under Diversified Appraisal of Calgary, SFI certified
Area of Expertise: Classics/Historical, Race car & Support Equipment, Muscle Car, Boats, Accident estimating

Date: January 24, 2014
Company Name: Foster Monson & Associates
Appraiser’s name: Foster Monson
Address: 271002-420 Albert ST
City: Regina, SK
PCode: S4R 8R8
Years doing appraisals:40
Phone: 306-537-7707
E&O Insurance carried: Marsh Canada
Area covered: Saskatchewan