Report # 100—October 2017



 NAACC Presidents Report #100, October 2017


Some of the many things the NAACC does for the Collector Car Hobby

The NAACC is the only ‘Canada Wide’ group that lobbies the Federal Government for fair, unrestrictive collector vehicle legislation.  The NAACC Board of Directors has representatives from every Province in Canada. All 10 Provinces in Canada are represented.


The NAACC Lobbies the Provincial Governments in 7 out of the 10 Provinces across Canada. It lobbies for fair and unrestrictive collector vehicle legislation.   

• Currently the NAACC is in discussions with NS and is part of a complete motor vehicle legislation re-write.

• The NAACC in past years has successfully lobbied for continued use of Lacquer based paint for repairs to older restorations.

• It has lobbied for and succeeded in getting all vehicles and parts for vehicles that are 25 years old or older admitted to Canada Duty Free.

• It successfully lobbied against Bill 241 which wanted to remove all pre 1978 and older vehicles from the public highways.

• It lobbied successfully to have continued use of leaded racing fuel for race cars that compete in Canada.

• The Association developed a Club and Directors Liability insurance program that protects clubs and their memberships from legal actions.

• The Association is connected to the International Chief Judges Advisory Group. It has developed a complete set of ‘Club’ judging Guidelines that maybe downloaded from the NAACC website.

• The Association has developed a ‘standard’ for vehicle appraisers across Canada.

• The Association is involved in the day to day collector vehicle politics in nine Provinces.

• The Association has Directors in every Province that meet at least once a year and correspond often by phone and email. The NAACC offers a comprehensive website that is updated monthly and also offers an in-depth quarterly Newsletter.

• Your $5.00 per member dues gets you all of this volunteer work every week of every month. The NAACC fights bad legislation and works side by side with government.

• Think of your membership as an insurance policy so that you may keep your old cars on the public highways without restrictions. Thank you for your support.


Happy Motoring,
John Carlson

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