2011 Image Gallery
Photos by Cam Hutchins

Laguna Seca Golf Ranch – Monterey, CA

The 2011 Concorso Italiano was a huge success and the date for next year is Friday August 17, 2012 at the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch Monterey, California 9a.m. to 5p.m. The great variety of Italian cars on display this year was a great way to honour the many Italian auto manufacturers past and present.

The 2011 Concorso Italiano
Report by Cam Hutchins Webmaster & photographer for the NAACC

August 19, 2011

The  2011 Concorso Italiano was held at the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch on a tree lined fairway that was not the terrain of Mountain goats and offered a stunning layout for the cars to be displayed…but even if we were at a rundown tenement building the cars would drown out their surroundings. Much has been commented on the various locations of the Concorso Italiano since it’s inception in 1985 and it must be a large nuisance to the local golfers but the nearly 1000 italian cars gathered has it’s own dedicated following.
  Although I never found the Ferrari F50 reunion….I only saw 3 cars and later found out that was it, I walked throughout the site and chatted with as many owners as possible. It was my second car event that day and I arrived well after lunch but the car owners were a hardy lot and stayed to the bitter end so I got to speak with a number of them. It could of been the fact that the roads of Carmel Valley during car week are stuffed with vehicles of all shapes and sizes and no point subjecting your fine prancing horse to the tortures of overheating in the ensuing lineups.
  Once on site we quickly got busy snapping pics of the cars and I particulary like to take pics of rows of similar cars…something only possible to do for Italian cars at this event. Being from Vancouver my exposure to Italian cars has been a few Ferraris, a smattering of Lamborghinis (up until the Dam burst on the Gallardos/Murcilagos a few years back), some Alfas and Fiats.
The Concorso allowed us to see a wide selection of Italian vehicles that are not the premium  models but sometimes are the premium examples of  their type in existence…even if they are Fiat 124’s. Many times I saw someone see a nondescript car and describe how their Dad or Uncle had one when they were a kid etc.
Recently the hottest trend in the collector car hobby has been the Barnfind cars that are reportedly unrestored and often extremely rough. Since most exotic cars are relinquished to being trailer queens and never driven, it seems to make sense ot just leave them dirty and haul them to shows. It seems someone is turning neglect into gold. I love the look of the rough cars parked unapologetically next to their pristine sisters and find them as appealing to photograph as any other classic. Some of these cars include Dan Simpson`s 1955 Vignale-bodied Fiat 8V and the 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB found by Tom Shaughnessy.
Judging from the crowds, Italian cars still hold a fascination for us and one of the coolest sights was a couple of guys changing a set of gaskets on a Lambo V-12 during the show. We also overheard many owners being quizzed by another owner trying to restore or repair their own car and in need of the expertise.
I got to meet  the founder of the magnificent L-79 powered Iso Rivolta… Piero Rivolta was on hand chatting with many enthusiasts  The L-79 being the GM code for specifying the Corvette 327 engine in Novas and other manufacturers also used the mill, and Rivolta stated in their literature of the day ” It can be serviced readily at any of more than 6,000 convenient establishments throughout North America”. I guess they did not plan on selling too many in Europe.
Another star was Valentino Balboni the famed test driver for Lamborghini that has since retired. He got a laugh from the well heeled crowd when he mentioned that he got his job at 19 years old as a test driver at Lamborghini and no there was not an opening for any more 19 year olds. Jay Leno made an appearance and wehn Jay was around it meant that the crowd followed him and got out of the way of other cars.
The Ferrari Club offered awards to the best examples of roadworthy Ferraris that are maintained as new and still enjoyed. The amount of winners of awards is a testament of the love the owners have for their cars. One Ferrari that probably out lived it’s welcome with it’s original owner was the  1955 Ferrari 212 Barchetta with a body by Touring that Enzo Ferrari gave to Henry Ford the II before their love evaporated into a battle that enlivened the race tracks throughout the 60`s.
So many other great cars were present and there even is a large selection of non-Italian cars off to the side. The tribute to all things Italian, food, wine, culture but not eccentric politics were all represented in the various vendor`s booths on the site and fleshed out with the standard vendors flogging items suited for fellow carnuts. We stayed to the bitter end and the on the way out almost by the gate sat on of the spectators cars…a lovely silver 512 Boxer…now that is arriving in style.
 We drove to the event from Canada and one of the Lamborghini 400GT 2+2 there was driven from San Diego to Pebble Beach for 30 years and has over 260,000 miles on her. Purchased as a daily driver in the early 70`s and still opulent, I look forward to seeing him and the car next year.




Above Photo by Cam Hutchins

Above images submitted by Concorso Italiano

Above images submitted by Concorso Italiano

Above images submitted by Concorso Italiano