Ethanol Fuel–The NAACC is asking for your help

On behalf of the Collector Car Hobby in Canada we are trying to persuade the Federal Government to allow the continued use of Ethanol free fuel. We have put forward a petition to allow the continued use of Ethanol fuel. (see below)  The Federal Government has approved this petition.

All we ask is that you and or your memberships be informed and we ask that you and they please sign the following petition. (It takes less than 1 minute)

Petition to the Government of Canada


  • Ethanol blended gasoline is destructive to older vehicles fuel systems;
  • Tens of thousands of classic car owners across Canada are left with no suitable fuel to purchase;
  • This government has not taken any of these issues into consideration before banning ethanol free gas from the pumps;
  • Ethanol absorbs water which leads to water condensation inside fuel tanks, carburetor fuel bowls and fuel lines where air spaces are present;
  • Water content in fuel will also cause swelling inside fuel filters which can restrict fuel flow;
  • Ethanol erodes fibreglass tanks, rubber hoses and plastic fuel lines;
  • It contributes to rust in fuel systems and will also dissolve varnish and rust in steel fuel components, which can then clog the fuel filter;
  • These issues will incur serious repair costs;
  • Classic cars hold a nostalgic place in our hearts and minds, and are enjoyed not only by owners, but also by the public at many summer car shows;
  • Many classic car clubs also engage in a range of charities and other social and community causes and needs; and
  • Collectively, owners spend millions of dollars per year in various communities, businesses and related car show activities.

We, the undersigned, residents of Canada who own classic and vintage automobiles, call upon the Government of Canada to once again make ethanol-free gasoline in a high octane grade(s) available at the gas pumps in Canada for collector car owners, plus owners of small gasoline engines and marine engines.