Bob Ford

Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland

Married – 2 sons We have been members of The Edsel Owners Club and International Edsel Club since early 70’s. I’m one of the founding members of NF Antique & Classic Car Club formed in Oct. ’80 and was elected and served as president for six years. Since then I’m still very active in all club activities. We are members of Nova Scotia Mustang Club and our son is a member of Falcon Club of America.

We have driven our Edsel’s to National Meets in Virginia 1981, Detroit 1982, Harrisburg PA & London Ont. in 1985. We’ve done a two week cruise with other members of NF Antique and Classic Car Club to Cape Cod, Mass. We have also been very involved in both 1992 Cross Canada Tour and Coast to Coast 2000 Tour in which we went all the way. This past summer Thelma and I and three other couples did a 10 day tour of PEI, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in our Mustangs. I do all the work on our cars and can drive any of them anywhere.

I have been Membership Director in the National Association for many years and the NF Representative since we became a member club. I believe there should be a National body for many reasons. A large group with representation coast to coast can have a great impact when dealing with Federal and Provincial matters concerning the old car hobby. Also, with provincial representation you know what’s happening in other parts of the country.

Through the old car hobby we have made good friends in every province of Canada, U.S.A., England, Norway, Iceland and New Zealand.