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NAACC Directors meet with SEMA Action Network to combine forces

National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada

NEWS LETTER Report #90 December, 2014


In November the NAACC ‘National’ Directors joined the NAACC President and Vice President in a meeting with Colby Martin of the SEMA Action Network. Colby is the Government and Public Affairs Manager for SEMA SAN.

SEMA provided the meeting space and made the necessary arrangements to accommodate the NAACC at their expense. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity.

Together we examined our working relationship over the past 2014 year. SEMA has included Canada in representing all North America on behalf of the collector car hobby. Canada is so spread out that this is difficult for them, but as the NAACC is doing this already, all that is required is working together.


SEMA needs our communications to know what is happening in Canada. The 'National' continues to benefit by having the resources of SEMA behind our efforts.

There is hardly a situation that SEMA SAN has not dealt with. Not only heavy in advice, but in reputation, SEMA SAN brings strong political clout to any battle we may consider ourselves in. Just visit www.SEMASAN.COM   to see the multitude of efforts they are involved in! Please note that they also carry very specific Canadian content on their web site and make reference to the NAACC.

Our NAACC members/supporters will not see a major difference in how we work with SEMA, other than SEMA SAN talking about us and vice-versa. Each group devotes website space to each other and we both support the efforts of each other.


As always, the 'National' relies on communication with its members/supporters through our NAACC Provincial Directors. The Directors are waiting to hear the concerns of the hobbyist. They forward them to the President and Vice-President for consultation with SEMA SAN. This communication is vital! Without it we do not know what action to prepare for!

More and more potentially dangerous scenarios continue to make us nervous about which way the governing bodies are leaning towards collector vehicles. We have pointed out many times that the average collector car is driven less than 400 miles per year.  (Determined by a NAACC Canada wide Survey)

SEMA’s renewed pledge of support is very exciting for us, and gives us optimism that we can continue to help keep the hobby going in the right direction.

We're excited with our plans for 2015 and 2016.


Let's make sure we get the support of every club in Canada. Please take a minute to join SEMA SAN. It costs nothing and is a way for showing your support. Please call up and join SEMA SAN today.


Thank you,

NAACC Board of Directors


The RPM Act: A Message From SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting


A Message From SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting:


Over the past year, the racing community undertook an unprecedented effort to protect Americans’ right to modify street vehicles into dedicated racecars and our industry’s right to sell the parts that support the sport. In February, more than 100,000 racers, industry members and enthusiasts rallied to sign a White House petition in a single day. Since March, you have flooded Congress with nearly 200,000 letters in support of the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act—a bill that makes clear that the Clean Air Act allows motor vehicles to be converted into dedicated race vehicles. The bill also protects our ability to sell the parts and equipment that enable racers to compete.


You have been heard! Your persistence and enthusiasm resulted in 148 Congressional lawmakers signing on to co-sponsor the RPM Act. These efforts underscore the passion of our community and industry. We are grateful for your unyielding commitment to motorsports.


But, there’s still more work to do. Our industry and community will continue this effort into 2017 as we work with the new Congress and the incoming Trump Administration to reintroduce the RPM Act and get it passed into law. Your ongoing support is critical to achieving our goal and to protecting this great American tradition now and into the future.


Thank you again. We look forward to working with you to get the bill enacted in the coming year.



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