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Newsletter Report #89‐(A) Amended—November 2014

Provincial Governments: Written submissions were presented to Provincial Governments by the

NAACC asking that the month of July be declared as NAACC Automotive Heritage Month in 2014.

Most Provincial Governments granted our request and issued formal declarations or proclamations

signed by the Premier or the Minister of Justice, Attorney General, the Lieutenant Governor or the

Minister of Tourism. All Clubs were asked to submit their activities to the NAACC so they could then

be highlighted on the NAACC website Many Provincial Governments have declared July

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 as NAACC Automotive Heritage Month.

Director Wilfred Moase obtained the 6th consecutive proclamation from P.E.I.

Director Bob Ford secured a 5th declaration from NFLD.

Director Doug Keith secured a declaration form SK.

Director Gord Forman secured a declaration from Manitoba.

Director John Carlson secured the 4th consecutive proclamation from BC.

Director Conrad LeLievre secured a proclamation from NS

Director Ron Haines is featured on the web site signing with the Minister of Tourism in New


Paint & Finishes: We lobbied the Federal Government approximately 6 years ago so that all hobbyists

in Canada could continue using lacquer based products for repair to their collector vehicles. In 2012

and 2013 we revisited the Federal Government again asking for the continued use of both Lacquer

and Enamel based products. This lobby was successful. In 2015 you may still purchase, import and

use lacquer based products in Canada. We will revisit the Federal Government again in 2015.

Club and Officers Insurance: We oversee the NAACC Clubs liability insurance program on behalf of

Pat Anderson Insurance Agency. The insurance program is available throughout Canada. We deal

directly with Commercial Insurance Advisor Christine Coulter on a regular basis. This club insurance

program is considered by many in the hobby to be the most comprehensive insurance program in

Canada. It covers liquor liability, travel to and from the USA, all club functions including the serving of

food and beverage. It covers car shows and club meetings & all club events. This policy covers club

Directors, Officers and all club members. The NAACC does not make any money from this policy. It is

offered to our membership strictly as a service.


The premium will remain the same for 2015. The fee is $5.00 per member, per year for 3 million

dollars in coverage for the entire club!

Nova Scotia: The NS government is doing a major motor vehicle legislative review. Director Conrad

LeLievre continues to work with the Department of Motor Vehicles in Nova Scotia. This has been an

ongoing process and an endless series of meetings for the past three years as Nova Scotia re‐writes

motor vehicle legislation that will affect the ‘Collector’ vehicle hobby. Conrad will be back in meetings

in November, December 2014 and will continue his work through 2015.

Manitoba: Manitoba had a Collector Car Plate introduced March 1, 2014. Vehicles 25 years and

older maintained in safe operational order worth $5,000 or more are eligible for a license/insurance

package with a 45% discounted premium. The program was designed to be comparative with the cost

of regular insurance for a portion of the year and the balance of the year under a “lay‐up” policy.

Though I was instrumental in getting this plate, I withdrew from involvement after inception.

The NAACC award “Exemplifying the Hobby” was given out at the May ‘Rodarama Car Show’ in


 Manitoba issued a proclamation declaring the month of July “Automotive Heritage Month” in

response to a request for that by myself, as the representative for NAACC.

To celebrate ‘Collector Car Appreciation Day’ to coincide with the SEMA sponsored U.S. event, on July

11th there was a display of collector vehicles in front of the Manitoba Legislative buildings organized

by the Manitoba Association of Automobile Clubs.

Gordon Forman, Manitoba Director, NAACC

 The NAACC wishes to thank long time NAACC Director Gordon Forman for his tireless work

with the NAACC. Gord has stepped down as NAACC vice president but he will continue to

monitor Manitoba’s collector car hobby. Gordon is seeking a new replacement in Manitoba so

that the province will be represented. Over the past number of years Manitoba has been one

of our strongest allies thanks to Gord. The collector car hobby in Manitoba and the NAACC

truly owe Gord a debt of thanks for his hard work.

Quebec: In 2013 NAACC Director Michel Lamoureux brought Canada’s French Canadian component

into the forefront of the hobby across Canada. Michel developed our new NAACC French Canadian

logo. Michel is also responsible for establishing the corporate membership program. In 2014 he

continued to work with various Quebec clubs. NAACC Quebec Director and ‘Hobbyist Of The

Year’ Gilbert Bureau continues to sit on the NAACC Board of Directors.

Saskatchewan: Congratulations again to NAACC Director Doug Keith. He was invited and has

accepted a position as a Board Member for the Canadian Model A Ford Foundation in 2013 & has

accepted a board position again for 2014 and 2015. Doug continues to serve as the

NAACC national treasurer. Doug also judged at the Cobble Beach Concours in 2013 & 2014. SK

Director and NAACC Secretary Tom Woodhouse continues to oversee Automotive Heritage Month in



Alberta: Both NAACC Directors James Herbert and Warren Rogalsky continue to lobby on behalf of

the NAACC. They both attended the SEMA AGM meeting held in November 2014. They are both also

involved with the SVA‐A. James will be acting as the NAACC liaison between the (CCMTA) Canadian

Council of Motor Transport Administrators. Warren will be looking after the Cross Canada Tour

(2017) updates to the NAACC.

 Alberta Update for NAACC 2014 AGM

Directors: James (Jim) Herbert, Warren Rogalsky

1‐ Club stats: 65 clubs (2641 members) are member clubs in the SVAA and/or the NAACC.

2‐ 16451 currently registered antique vehicles for 2014 (1126 more than 2013)

3‐ NAACC and SVAA Directors major initiatives:

a) Greeted arriving cars and handed out 400 copies on Alberta Rides at “Spring Thaw” in Calgary and

400 copies at “Hot August Nights” in St. Albert.

b) Continued working with Service Alberta, Alberta Transportation and the Insurance Bureau of

Canada to ensure that owners of Collector Cars affected by the floods would be given the option of

saving their cars from being declared non‐repairable as well as being able to buy their cars back

from the insurance companies. We have been successful in getting the non‐repairable status

removed from several vehicles to date.

c) Hosted the second annual SEMA National Collector Car Cruise In in Calgary with 150 cars turning


d) Worked with local Calgary area car clubs and A&W’s to ensure that A&W MS fund raiser was a

success. One of the local A&W’s raised over $10,000.

e) Continued liaison with Service Alberta and Alberta Transportation regarding the inspection and

registration of new builds.

Other Alberta Happenings:

Calgary is still the only major city in Western Canada without a full service vehicle race track. There

two track proposals waiting for Land use approval.

a) Still no success in getting the province to proclaim a “Collector Car Month”. A third application is

being prepared to be presented to the new premier.

British Columbia: 2015 Morley McDonald will represent the Vintage Car Club of Canada and serves

as a VCCC Governor on the Board. Nigel Mathews continues to serve as Chairman to

the SVA‐BC and the Collector Car Club Council. Fred Bennett, Jim MacDonald, John Carlson and Joe

Ledlin all serve as members of the CCCC. Neva Ledlin serves as recoding secretary.


ICBC: The NAACC was very active in British Columbia in 2013.We sat on a three person panel at the

request of ICBC to help determine acceptable ‘period’ accessories and variations for Collector Plated

vehicles and to determine what would be acceptable deviations from absolute stock vehicles. The

process involved doing extensive written submissions justifying our positions. VCCC,

Jim Macdonald, SVABC/CCCC, Nigel Mathews and NAACC/CCCC and John Carlson made up the three

person panel. Submissions were scrutinized by ICBC and many suggestions were accepted. There have

been very few concerns in 2014. 2015 and 2016 will be busy years as we work on revisions to the BC

Collector License Plate status.

Ontario: NAACC Directors Doug Greer ON, Doug Keith SK, Michel Lamoureux Quebec, Gilbert

Bureau, Quebec all judged at the 2013 inaugural Cobble Beach Concours which was held on the

Owen Sound just outside of Toronto. In 2014 Gordon Forman and Wilfred Moase joined the judge

team. The 2014 show was a terrific success and is already gaining attention from across North

America and Europe. Over 5000 spectators traveled from across Canada and all parts of the USA to

attend. NAACC President/CEO John Carlson served as Chief Judge. Rob McLeese, the show chairman

& founder of the Cobble Beach Concours expressed his sincere appreciation to the NAACC for our

involvement and support.

E15 Ethanol Fuel: The NAACC has voiced very strong opposition to the introduction and use of E15

Ethanol based fuel in Canada again in 2014. The NAACC does not support the use of Ethanol blended

fuels. All blends of Ethanol are reported to cause serious damage to a variety of components in

collector vehicles. The use of E10 also causes deterioration in fuel lines, carburetors and fuel tanks.

Vehicles that are stored with Ethanol blended fuel often sustain serious damage from “phase

separation.” The NAACC recommends that vehicles stored for any period of time be fueled with Shell

91, Chevron 94 or Esso non alcohol blended fuel. Call up the following web site. This will be a

moment of truth!!!‐ethanol‐in‐gasoline‐badfor‐

existing‐cars‐say‐automakers It is our understanding that E30 is now being considered by the

government. The Alliance of Auto Manufactures says they are

concerned about the “Fear of Failures” Their fear is that mechanical components on older vehicles,

which were never designed for higher percentages of ethanol, will fail‐‐leaving them in the cross‐hairs

of customers angry that their cars cannot run on a fuel they were not intended to use. Vulnerable

components include engines, fuel pumps, gas tanks, carburetors and various rubber seals. The

Alliance of Auto Manufacturers says that half the engines it tested had problems on blends with higher

amounts of ethanol.

SEMA: On November 7, 2014 the NAACC was hosted by SEMA. We held our AGM meeting at the

request of SEMA SAN Colby Martin to discuss International concerns and how we may continue to

work together to further the hobby’s best interests on both sides of the border. SEMA Action

Network Director Colby Martin spoke for over an hour at the recent meeting as to why SEMA values

the NAACC and what can be done to help Canada with legislation concerns. We are very thankful to

SEMA’s Steve MacDonald & Colby Martin for hosting us.

There is a misconception in the marketplace that SEMA is only concerned with Custom and Modified

vehicles. This notion is completely false. SEMA SAN is interested in protecting the rights of ‘ALL’


collector vehicle owners whether they be stock or modified vehicle enthusiasts. Please take the time

to have your clubs join SEMA SAN. Call up

Canadian Legislation and Regulatory Roundup

“Canada and the United States have their fair share of differences, but what separates

Canada from the United States isn’t nearly as significant as the similarities that unite


One of those similarities is a love of cars, racing and the car culture. It is that bond that

brought the SAN to Canada in 2007 and is the reason we work with great

organizations, such as the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada

(NAACC), to promote and protect the hobby there.

The SAN remains dedicated to supporting the Canadian car hobby, and we will

continue to look for opportunities to make a difference for enthusiasts north of the

border. Please encourage all your Canadian friends and car club members to join the

SEMA Action Network (SAN).”

In closing, thank you for your continued support. Enjoy the video clip of the Cobble Beach

Concours held in Ontario Canada. See the 2014 Concours winners at

Best regards,

John Carlson

President & CEO



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