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The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering

2011 Quail


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Photos by Cam Hutchins



The Quail Gathering 2011—A Motorsport extravaganza

JJ Carlson Director of NAACC Media Relations


The 2011 Quail Gathering was truly outstanding. More than 170 classics, racecars and motorcycles were on display. The event honored Ferrari and Superamerica vehicles that were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Jaguar E types were also honored.  A spectacular group of Jaguar E type sports racers drove down from Laguna Seca Raceway  and rolled on to the pristine Concours lawn about 11:00. This was followed by a flyover and the National Anthem. Truly, these were goose bump moments.


Many of the displays were very different from what one normally sees at a Concours. The Bay Area Modelers Association were running their miniature gasoline engines and explaining to the many spectators how they built their jewelry like model motors. The whine of the miniature engines was pure magic. Bugatti displayed a ‘one of a kind’ porcelain bodied vehicle. The display was set up so all could view the vehicle from every angle while enjoying a snack or a gelato ice cream.


The center of the Concours layout displayed a multi passenger helicopter. The company was offering time shares for a number of their sky birds.  Serious Classics from both Foreign and American Marques were everywhere.  As Concours guests strolled the event they could stop and enjoy the cuisine flavors of Spain, France, Carmel Valley and Italy. The Champagne and wine of Louis Roederer was enjoyed by many. 

The fine art tents displayed many artists including Denise McCluggagewith her original Sr. Sterling Moss photos of him pushing his Maserati towards the finish line at Rheims in France.  Noted authors Richard Adatto and Mark Furman were on hand displaying their new books and signing autographs.  Legendary racecar driver Derek Bell posed with many admires. Notables Jay Leno, Adam Carolla, Ed Gilbertson, Terry Johnson and Winston Goodfellow were also seen as the rest of the who’s who in the collector car world viewed the fabulous display of Classics and racing vehicles from the pre teens thru the 1960’s.

At four hundred dollars per ticket one might ask is this good value for my money. The answer is yes. This is a motorsport experience of the highest magnitude. If you are a serious car collector or just an   enthusiast this show will take you to the ultimate level of the Concours experience




The Quail Gathering 2011

Cam Hutchins Webmaster and photographer NAACC


August 19 2011 The Quail Golf Course, Carmel Valley California


The Quail Motorsports gathering was held at the Quail Golf Course in Carmel Valley and is the most intimate car event I have ever attended. The champagne and gourmet food is available all day and ask anyone that knows me, I have not missed many meals but the quality of cars and the photographs that needed to be taken did not allow me any time to partake in the gastronomical delights...but I am not complaining. Brigs Cunningham's world famous Le Monstre was there...Rows of E-type Jags, Ferraris and Bugatti  Veryons were waiting to shot and not to mention the stellar cars at the auction....there was simply no time to eat.


Bouncing from recording all the significant cars to capturing "arty" shots of details of cars and rows of cars I was able to create some stunning images. The whole time the PA system was being used to broadcast live interviews with the famous driver Derek Bell or others describing significant cars and events.... I Think.  I was more concerned with depth of field and exposures and crowd control. I was trying to listen and keep track of what was being said over the intercom...but holy cow there is a 1950 Jaguar XK 120 Alloy Body, a "Lightweight" Jag E-Type, a Pagondi Zonda R, a few of Dan Gurneys All American Race teams "Eagle" racecars including an Eagle Indy Car, a 1963 Shelby King Cobra, a Scarab 1960 Formula 1 car and a great selection of  Ferrari America and Superamerica models...when was I supposed to have time to take notes?


We arrived early and it took some time to make it through the parking lot to the will call as the parking lot had more great cars at 8a.m. that I see in the Lower mainland in a year. Heading to the Bonhams & Butterfields Auction area we stumble upon a Raymond Loewy redesigned 1966 Jag E-type Coupe. Loewy has designed some stunning things, but the Jag E-type is very hard to approve upon and I left feeling somewhat violated. A Barnfind Aston Martin complete with the plaid bean bag ashtray so period correct for the early 60`s looked opulent in it`s disrepair and the ex-Maharaja of Kotah `Tiger Car`1925 Rolls Royce New Phantom Torpedo Sports Tourer complete with a `Gattling`type machine gun on a trailer pulled behind.


Back at the Quail parking lot we watched the "New Bugatti boys" dumping gas from a gerry can into one of their $million dollar cars because to drive out to the highway and back is too congested and they are going to be driving the car all day giving thrill rides to the very lucky few . Entering the grounds is surreal as the East end of the grounds is littered in Bugatti many I did not notice the Briggs Cunnigham `Le Monstre`` upon the raised dais suitable for such a royal beast. Luckily I ended up back there on one of my many loops around the circuit and came upon `Le Monstre` in one of those "clouds parting - sun shining" moments. Briggs Cunningham was an American Sportsmen with a couple of wallets filled with cash and decided with enough money he could rewrite the physics text books and customise a 1950 Cadillac  to race at the 24 hours du Lemans. A darling of the French Press and dubbed "LeMonstre" it did compete at Lemans and finished a respectable place behind a stock bodied  Cadillac. Possibly the last thing from North America the French loved.





















   Cars were set up in groups placed in ovals with their noses pointing outwards and lots of room to walk around and enjoy the cars from all angles. This is where the limited number of tickets shines as the crowds are not huge and it is easy to wander around snapping incredible pics from all angles with a limited amount of time waiting for the crowds to move out of the way.


   A squadron of planes flew overhead and announced the arrival of a group of racecars from the Monterey Historic races at Laguna Seca. Following their Police escort they arrived in style and a fair speed and were parked in a loosely knit group that just begged to be photographed. As it was a milestone year for the Jag XK-E many race versions of the car arrived from the track to join the large selection of Jag E-types on display in the previously mentioned oval as well as the Ferrari Americas and Super Americas.






























Riverside Raceway built in the late 50's and shut down in the late 80's was honoured with a selection of cars that had raced at the track and one of the Ferraris Phil hill had raced was on hand to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Phil Hill's Formula One World Drivers' Championship. The  1959 Ferrari TR59 now owned by Bruce McCaw of Seattle was on hand to celebrate Phil Hill's wonderous Career.

The show is judged by participants and one of the awards was accompanied by a Rolex watch...I was thinking if you wanted to give the winner something they did not have it might have been better to give them one of my photographs of the events...and I could take the Rolex!!


After being invited to cover this event for 2 years in a row I am thinking that to repeat this event next year with a new selection of cars as superb as this one is going to be a tough job...but the fine people in charge of the Quail Motorsport gathering are up to the task.


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