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22 Questions for the Car Collector.

Members Only

1 First car you owned and what did you do to it and how did you end up owning it, price, etc.


2 First car you worked on if not your own and what types of things did you do to it?


3 Where did you grow up?


4 How did you become interested in cars?


5 First memories of cars as more than just transportation...a hot rod, or classic that stirred your imagination.?


6 What did your family drive, parents, uncles, grandpas etc?


7 Were your parents into restoring cars or fixing his daily driver himself?


8 Did your parents approve, like, hate your love of Cars, Hot Rods/Customs?


9 Car Clubs you belonged to.


10 Did you ever race?


11 Events you have traveled to as a car enthusiast, races and shows


12 Longest distance you have traveled in an enthusiast car(Classic, Hot Rod custom Muscle car etc)

13 Longest distance you have traveled to a race or car show towing a car?


14 What cool un-modified cars did you buy brand new or used over the years as daily drivers.







15 What types of cars have you owned and built over the years


16 What types of cars are you planning to build/own in the future?


17 What type of work do YOU do on cars, chassis fabrications, body work, mechanical, wiring, etc.


18 A lot of the current members have been building cars since they got hooked as kids, but they also had other hobbies and interested as well…what else did you do to pass the time?


19 Crazy stuff you have done over the past….car and none car related


20 Crazy stuff you are planning to do in the future?


21 Are your kids, nephews/nieces and grandkids into cars…and if so what types?


22 What type of work did you do?


23 Cars you own now.


24 Which grandchild gets which car/s?


Obviously you only need to fill out any questions you want...have fun remembering the good ol days!

Select and copy the text and type in the snwers in an e-mail and send it to all your clubs and the NAACC.ca

Cam Hutchins


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